Course 8 - Redeeming Your City and the Nations

Redeeming Your City and the Nations Where we will lift our focus from

individual and family warfare to citywide warfare because the ultimate goal

of the Kingdom of God is a city 'New Jerusalem that comes down from

heaven'. Seeing that Cities are kingdom models and how family iniquity can

affect our cities and nations calling for us to stand in the gap for specific

areas of defilement in order to see our cities redeemed.

Booklet (Printable) Workbook (Read Online)

** 'Laying A Foundation To God's Call For Us To Redeem Cities' seeing the

heart of God for us to stand in the gap to see cities redeemed with the

discerning of the watchman and prophet bringing warning. MP3#1 MP3#2

** 'Unchecked Iniquities Spread To Our Communities, Cities and Nations'

with the 'The Power Of Defilement' Looking at the things God shows us in

Ezekiel 22 can defile and affect a city from being redeemed. MP3#1 MP3#2

** 'Innocent blood shed the thing mentioned most in Ezekiel 22 that is an

abomination to God.' Seeing why God regards innocent blood shed as such

an abomination and how vital it is for us to deal with defiled places. MP3

** 'High Places' the Sites Of Enemy defilement' seeing how high places are

mentioned 91 times in the bible. They were used for good as well as great

evil. MP3

** 'The Power To Bind and Loose' "Removing The Legal Rights Of The

Enemy" as we study how we go about binding and loosing individually, as a

family and as a city or nation. MP3

** 'Anointed Research' often called 'Spiritual Mapping' today where we will

learn about how to 'Recognize The Giants In The City and to Get A Strategy

To Stand In The Gap.' MP3#1 MP3#2