Course 7 - Weapons and Warfare

Weapons and Warfare We will see that for us to fully enter our destiny we

need to see our responsibility and call to enter into warfare studying its

dynamics and strategies and the power of the blood of Christ. Seeing how we

or our families can allow principalities to grow. Studying some of the

strategic attacks against family life and being aware of how we can give the

enemy a legal foothold to stop our families from functioning in Godly order.

How words can affect our lives and the lives of others. How the spread of

iniquities can affect us and our children looking at as we look at Abraham

and David family line.

Booklet (Printable) Workbook (Read Online)

** 'Warfare - How we can go about using the weapons of our warfare

correctly.' MP3#1 MP3#2

** 'The Power Of The Blood Of Jesus' we will look at how the blood was used

in the Old Testament verses the New Testament and how we are to rightly

apply the blood as New Testament believers. MP3

** 'Principalities - God's Mysteries' we will look at how an iniquity can lead to

a ruler, power and finally a principality and see how we deal with

principalities. MP3

** 'The Unholy Trinity - Ahab and Jezebel MP3#1 MP3#2 Anti-Christ and

Death and Hades. MP3#3 Ahab provokes Jezebel to action using pouting

and self pity. Jezebel responds and uses domination, intimidation,

manipulation and seduction. Anti-Christ uses open rebellion, subtle, cunning

and crafty rebellion to attack with. Death and Hades uses accusation which

leads to isolation, doubt, fear, unbelief, torment and finally if possible disease

or suicide.

** 'The Power Of Words - Mechanism for creation, blessing or cursing' we

will see how important words are and how powerfully they can be used for

good or evil. MP3

'Iniquities Affect On Our Families - Abraham and David' looking at how

Abraham allowed an iniquity to come into his family line which went four

generations and how David inherited an iniquity of lust that had come down

ten generations from Judah in Genesis 38. MP3