Course 6 - Destiny: A Father's Journey

Destiny: A Father's Journey For us to fully enter our destiny we need to be

able to learn from others examples so we will trace the prayer journey of

Abraham seeing how he was led in prayer and intercession. How vital

fatherhood is and looking at some of the snares, ambushes pitfalls and

quicksand that can immobilize or remove us from the battle.

Booklet (Printable) Workbook (Read Online)

** Abraham's Prayer Journey looking at how every time he built an altar and

stayed at the place of prayer he made the right decisions and was a blessing

to those around him. However whenever he lost his place of prayer he would

make mistakes which allowed him to grow and mature, but were not a

blessing to those around him. We will see how Father walked with him to

bring him to the place where he was eventually called a friend of God and

had positive characteristics in his life. MP3#1 MP3#2 MP3#3 MP3#4 MP3#5

** Fatherhood which can have a 'Positive or Negative affects on our lives.'


** 'Battles In Relationships' Seeing how we can be hurt and wounded by our

friends. How relationships come under various kinds of attacks. MP3

** Snares and pitfalls and in the battle that can stop us from having

continually victory over battles in our lives. MP3#1 MP3#2