Course 3 - Roadblocks To Be Expected

Course Three - Roadblocks To Be Expected We will see that in order for us to

enter into our God given destinies we need to get healed up and then to look

at some of the reasons we don't mature the way Father desires us to. Seeing

things that allow iniquities to enter our lives. Doing an in-depth introduction

to iniquities and studying a few that can block or stop us from entering into

maturity. Looking at the process of beginning to get freedom from iniquity

and being transformed as we do this.

Booklet (Printable) Workbook (Read Online)

** 'What Is Iniquity? - Defiled Or Twisted DNA That Can Be Passed On To

The Third And Forth Generation.' Seeing that sin is missing the mark

[Romans 3:23], transgression is willfully choosing to miss the mark

tresspassing [Ephesians 2:1], but iniquity defiles or bruises and area of our

character causing us to have a crooked arrow to start with that makes us go

our own way and do our own thing [Isaiah 53:5-6] MP3#1 MP3#2

** 'Bitterness and Unforgiveness - A Defiling And Contaminating Poison'

seeing how powerfully this can affect our lives and how we relate to the Lord

and others around us. MP3

** 'Fear - A Life Giving Or A Paralysing Force' looking at the fear of the Lord

verses the fear that we often battle with. MP3#1 MP3#2

** 'Mammon - Demonic Or False Worship' and how it drives us through

greed or a poverty mentality. MP3#1 MP3#2

** 'Appropriating The Finished Work Of Calvary -Seeing Divine

Transformation As We War Against Iniquity' where I share the principles of

how we can break free from iniquity in our lives through the finished work of

Jesus on the cross. MP3 I've identified 19 fruits of rejection needing to get

victory over as I have turned to the Lord for His divine help. MP3