Course 2 - Order and Maturity

To enter our destiny we need to be in order under covering. A father desires

to see his children to come to a place of maturity equipped for their destiny.

Preparing them to interceed. Moving into maturity. Our Heavenly Father has

made provision freedom from hurts and wounds within our hearts and souls

to enter our destinies restored and transformed through repentance.

Booklet (Printable) Workbook (Read Online)

** 'Stone One Being Building In An Orderly Way According To God's Pattern'

where we will study the importance of being in divine order to be able to

effectively serve the Lord and put on the armour of God. MP3

** 'Stone Two being Authority, Love and Submission Preparing You To Rule'

Sbmission is the key to having authority which is essential for us to do His

Kingdom work. Many have been hurt by authority figures not understanding

sbmission should be demonstrated not demanded. MP3

** 'Fatherhood' provides protection, provision, placement and purpose so

that we can embrace the risk of entering into our destiny in God,' seeing at

what a true father should be like and how richly he can bless our life. MP3

** 'Intercession - Entering into a session with God through Intimacy' Seeing

how important intercession is, who desires us to intercede, defining

intercession and looking at different types of intercession. MP3#1 MP3#2

** 'The Necessity For Maturity - Producing more than you consume' seeing

how vital it is for us to move on to becoming mature children that can

embrace our destiny in a responsible and mature way desiring to grow and

not stagnate in our walk with the Lord. MP3

** 'Healing The Hurts, Wounds and Disappointments Of Life - Binding Up

The Broken Hearted' where we look at different emotions experienced in our

hearts which will usually be positive or negative, how Father desires us to

understand the battles that take place within our hearts and how we can

allow Him to bring the healing that He wants to. MP3

** 'Salvation - Restoring The Soul' deals with various battles within our souls

and how the Shepard of our souls wants to bring about a divine and

supernatural restoration when it is needed. MP3

** 'The Transforming Power Of Repentance' seeing how true Godly sorrow

can bring great blessing to our lives if we are willing to humble ourselves

when we need to and be broken before the Lord. MP3