Course 1 - Beginning The Journey

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Laying A Foundation In this first course we will begin by looking at the

vision, goals, aims and objectives of Yada International and see how this

school can be run by those who desire to do it. We will then study the life of

the founder, Dr Bradley Stuart and his call to start Yada International. We

will look at how vital it is for us to receive vision for ourselves, our family, our

city, nation and the nations, giving us hope for the future. We will also look

at the reality of studying how to hear from God that will enable us to have a

clear vision. Then in order for us to move ahead from there we need to

constantly draw near to the Lord in covenant intimacy. It is also vital that we

work correctly with what we have learnt and are obedient to the Lord's voice

so we will study how to do this. Finally we will end this first course by looking

at God's redemption story by studying His orderly patterns established from

Genesis to Joshua.

Book (Printable) Workbook (Read Online)

** Yada's meaning, vision and mission is explained. You are given an

overview of course and how to take them. MP3

** How you can receive vision from the Lord, what we are to do with the

vision, the stages visions pass through and how vital vision is. MP3

** Dr. Bradley Stuart shares of his life of miracles from birth and healing

from cerebral palsy that the Lord used that to prepare him for the ministry.


** How to develop our devotional time with the Lord, how God can speak to

us in various ways, how we can hear more clearly from Him and what can

hinder us from hearing clearly. MP3#1 MP3#2

** The various stages in developing intimacy with the Lord. Moving from

being curious, to part of the crowd, to casual acquaintances, to friendship,

courtship, commitment and finally a covenant relationship with. Looking at

lessons we can learn from Ruth and the way the tabernacle was constructed.

MP3#1 MP3#2

** Well study how we can work with what we have received from the Lord

and see life come from our intimacy with Him looking at 7 steps that we work

through when we feel we have heard from the Lord. MP3

** We look at how God calls us [Genesis] delivers us [Exodus], prepares us

for worship [Leviticus], allows us to be tested [Numbers], gets us in order

[Deuteronomy] and then finally allows us to enter into the battle [Joshua].