Destiny An Intimate Journey

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Laying A Foundation In this first course we will begin by looking at the

vision, goals, aims and objectives of Yada International and see how this

school can be run by those who desire to do it. We will then study the life of

the founder, Dr Bradley Stuart and his call to start Yada International. We

will look at how vital it is for us to receive vision for ourselves, our family, our

city, nation and the nations, giving us hope for the future. We will also look

at the reality of studying how to hear from God that will enable us to have a

clear vision. Then in order for us to move ahead from there we need to

constantly draw near to the Lord in covenant intimacy. It is also vital that we

work correctly with what we have learnt and are obedient to the Lord's voice

so we will study how to do this. Finally we will end this first course by looking

at God's redemption story by studying His orderly patterns established from

Genesis to Joshua.

To enter our destiny we need to be in order under covering. A father desires

to see his children to come to a place of maturity equipped for their destiny.

Preparing them to interceed. Moving into maturity. Our Heavenly Father has

made provision freedom from hurts and wounds within our hearts and souls

to enter our destinies restored and transformed through repentance.

Course Three - Roadblocks To Be Expected We will see that in order for us to

enter into our God given destinies we need to get healed up and then to look

at some of the reasons we don't mature the way Father desires us to. Seeing

things that allow iniquities to enter our lives. Doing an in-depth introduction

to iniquities and studying a few that can block or stop us from entering into

maturity. Looking at the process of beginning to get freedom from iniquity

and being transformed as we do this.

Discernment in a Time of Crisis We will see how we need to move from the

hindrances that we studied in the previous course as well as any others that

the Holy Spirit may have shown us to a further time of preparation. Looking

at what to expect and discern and inquire about as we move into warfare

against iniquities experiencing a deeper level of shaking, crises of belief,

major Godly interventions and disruptions revealing the need for proper

levels of personal preparation as we face more emotional battles and face

further iniquities.

Functioning as a Covenant Family Seeing that for us to enter our destiny it's

vital that we recognize the Kingdom of God is a family army. Requiring

corporeity with every soldier being willing to die for the others [true

covenant]. We can't function solo, but need others to work together in unity.

This is essential to move into birthing God's Kingdom purposes. We need to

be functioning correctly in specific roles as we enter the warfare.

Destiny: A Father's Journey For us to fully enter our destiny we need to be

able to learn from others examples so we will trace the prayer journey of

Abraham seeing how he was led in prayer and intercession. How vital

fatherhood is and looking at some of the snares, ambushes pitfalls and

quicksand that can immobilize or remove us from the battle.

Weapons and Warfare We will see that for us to fully enter our destiny we

need to see our responsibility and call to enter into warfare studying its

dynamics and strategies and the power of the blood of Christ. Seeing how we

or our families can allow principalities to grow. Studying some of the

strategic attacks against family life and being aware of how we can give the

enemy a legal foothold to stop our families from functioning in Godly order.

How words can affect our lives and the lives of others. How the spread of

iniquities can affect us and our children looking at as we look at Abraham

and David family line.

Redeeming Your City and the Nations Where we will lift our focus from

individual and family warfare to citywide warfare because the ultimate goal

of the Kingdom of God is a city 'New Jerusalem that comes down from

heaven'. Seeing that Cities are kingdom models and how family iniquity can

affect our cities and nations calling for us to stand in the gap for specific

areas of defilement in order to see our cities redeemed.