You make inspired music.

There is no fix it in the mix

You make great songs. You need to record that music in a way that makes you proud of. Thats what we are here for. Let us make your songs radio ready.

Can I make art here?

Either by yourself or with your band you’ve written some great material. What now?

The most important thing when thinking about where to record your next project is,

Can the engineer get out the way for you to make that art. Are you comfortable in the space? Is it affordable enough for your budget? Now certainly a lot goes into making your best possible music… does the engineer know how to tune the drums for the song, for the room, for the key? Is my guitar set-up properly? Did my bass player change his strings? Will the engineer help with of all this?

Some will and some wont. I love that side of things. Playing with drum tunings... Switching out strings or even pickups on a guitar… Finally finding that right gauge of string for your bass player so they are comfortable… Getting started in the right direction means a better product in the end.

“But its the 2010s isn’t there a plugin for that?” Maybe?… Will we be using it? Probably not. Don’t be afraid to commit. Those tone/musical/structure/timing…etc decisions early on shape your entire record. Let fix it while we are here and in a good flow state and the product will be so much better in the end.


You deserve a good, comfortable space and an engineer with whom you can get along, who knows how to take care of the little things behind the scenes so you can do your thing and just make good music.