The Studios

Studio B:

Great sounding, comfortable room. Loads of analog goodness. 32 simultaneous tracks. Top notch converters and clocking. The word of the day is “vibe”. Most of our clients leave saying “it felt like home”. And that is very intentional. Different people do better work in different spaces. Our space is built for the chill, confident, and purposeful musician. The studio is capable of handling 1 to 4… to even 6 players at a time, each with own ear mix.

Studio B consists of a live drum room, two iso booths, and a reverb chamber in our stone vestibule. The live room: A medium size room is capable of very large drum tones. The room is constantly tweaked to tune the room for ideal drum sounds.

Studio A: An editing suite that consists of our mobile rig that can be set up and torn down for bands in the space. A good use of this room is using it in conjunction with studio A to edit or print DI files or write/edit midi onto tracks as they come in from studio B.