About Our Shapes

Thank you for your interest in [ west end ] Shapes. Here are a few important notes to keep in mind:

∙ We do not offer refunds. We offer demos for the shapes for you to test our prior to purchase. Once purchased, all sales are final.

∙ We do not offer Bento Heads, Mesh Body, Skin, Eyes, Hair or any other accessory shown on the publicity photo. When you test the shape it might not look like the photo if you are not using the style used in the photo. We include a style card with all the necessary information for you to look like the photo.

∙ Mesh Body, Bento Head, Hair, Eyes, Accessories can be purchased from their respective creators. We do not claim we are selling these items. We only sale the shape, eyebrow and the style card with the information you need to look at the photo. Please refer to the style card for this information.

∙ Most our shapes are created for mesh bodies and Bento Heads. If you do not own these items, the shapes will not work. These shapes are not created for classic avatar or static mesh heads, unless otherwise stated.

∙ At this time we do not offer custom shapes, however, you can always ask and we will consider your resquest. All requests must be done by notecard and will be replied as soon as possible. Notecars must be sent to Beloved Ruby.

∙ For additional questions other than these, you can contact Beloved Ruby for assistance. You can IM or send a notecard. Notecards are more secure if Beloved Ruby is not online in case of IM’s being capped.

Once again, thank you for your interest in our products.