Do you remember the 20+ Star Wars Gifts Ideas that we posted last year? Well, we have another wonderful addition from a galaxy far, far away - the original Stormtrooper Decanter and shot glass. This beautifully crafted design is based on the original helmet molds produced for the first film back in '76 and is perfect for every man-cave.
The onset of the New Year is a time to look ahead for many, with resolutions made and goals set. But it also offers a chance to reflect. Here, it's time to look back fondly at the whiskey we lost in 2015, and to examine the ongoing occurrence of whiskey vanishing from store shelves going into the future.
Now that's what I call an allergic reaction! One of the things I hear frequently from people who find out I'm a technical guy for winemaking is, "I'm allergic to the sulfite in wine. What can I do?" My heart sinks when I hear this.
Tim Vandergrift / Master Vintner
Minnesota is the number one sugar beet-producing state in the country. It should follow that we would be distilling some of that bounty into booze. BĒT Vodka (pronounced "beet") is Minnesota's first vodka distilled from 100% sugar beets ( L'etoile Vodka from Du Nord Craft Spirits is distilled from a mix of sugar beets and corn).