The Opiate Reports

The Complete Physics of Opiate Addiction written by Howard Heathcote

Report #1

When the substance abuse act was signed into law almost 40 years ago. Opiates were put into the same category as all other abused substances. The treatment plan was then as it is now. Two weeks of detox, followed by 30 days of inpatient to treat underlying conditions and 60-90 days of out patient care/sober living homes. At that time private insurance did not cover treatment costs. Each state was responsible for their own treatment. The failure rate for treatment of heroin abuse at that time was about 50%. No one really knew a lot about heroin addiction. Back then it was considered an inner city problem. No one ever looked back at the treatment protocol and no one saw oxycontin coming. When oxycontin hit the medicine cabinets, opiate addiction spread out across suburbia. Everyone one from the mailman to your doctor was getting hooked on oxys'. Heroin was still an inner city issue. At about this time, private insurance started paying for treatment and rehabs started to popping up all around the country. The same 30 day standard was installed and has been pretty much set in stone since. That was the very beginnings of this epidemic. By the middle of the 1990s' we realized how bad oxycontin was. By that time, kids as young as 12 were becoming addicted. The rehab industry exploded, all the major facilities now had dozens of satellite treatment programs all operating under the same federal standard. Florida became the rehab capital of the country, followed by California and Arizona. That is something I need to repeat (most private rehabs are in nice warm sunny places). This point is also very important and this is basic street economics. When Oxy’s started to dry up in the street, the price went through the roof. Everyone addicted to Oxycontin switched to heroin! That is how heroin made it to the suburbs. Due to recent laws passed restricting what doctors can prescribe which was absolutely necessary, we are going to repeat the same process again. Now that we have some back history my next post is going to explain where we are now and why.

Report #2

When opiate addiction hit the suburbs and small mid western towns, it rolled through like a freight train, hitting the addict and dragging them and everyone who loved them down the tracks with it. The inner city addicts, like myself had dealt with this disease and its aftermath for years. The suburban and upper class communities had know idea what was in store for them. They had dealt with all the other abused substances, but not opiates on this magnitude. Any addict will tell you there is everything else, then there is heroin. Once there are opiates, there is nothing else. The very first reaction is " I need help you need help someone call a rehab!" Most of the people getting addicted in these rural areas had very good insurance... not state, but private insurance. They have been paying for the majority of treatment for over 20 years. When that started the failure rate went from 50% to 80%, all because no one looked back at the treatment standard. Everybody just ran in different directions looking for a solution. The current treatment plan, which is 30 years old, was then and is now completely wrong, not flawed, but wrong. Heroin and opiate addiction and its' treatment should never have been in this category, It is a separate disease and it needs its own specific treatment plan. Currently in this country you have addicts ranging in age from 16 to 60 in three age groups... 16 to 20, 25 to 40 and 45 to 60, which I call generations. Each one has its own issues specific to their group. 95% of them have one thing in common, they all became addicted the same way and all have either gone through rehab, some up to 10 times and in the middle of this rehab cycle or just starting out in this cycle, we don't have an epidemic spreading across this country..... oh people are becoming addicted everyday, but what you really have is a cycling effect that has been going on for 20 years within the rehab system! I'm trying to be as unbiased as possible in all of this but I get frustrated when it comes to this point. the addict has been blamed for relapsing time and time again, Loved ones are left thinking they were not strong enough to beat this. The addict does have huge responsibility for there own recovery, but you have to get the brain to a chemical base line before this can happen. There is not a lot of relapse happening here, but there is an awful lot of rehab happening, economically insurance companies will spend 70 billion dollars this year and over the last 20 years its cost close to a half trillion dollars and all that money has been spent on a three legged horse that hasn't even got out of the starting gate for 30 years.

Report #3

What I’d like to do now is explain this epidemic, what you think is happening and what is actually going on. As i said in prior posts you have three age groups the first group ages 45-60 most of them have already gone through the rehab cycle some up to 10 times. there private insurance either stopped paying or dropped there coverage, they've now moved on to either pain management, methadone, or still addicted. the second group 25-40 they are ones that are currently flooding state insured facilities now in all 50 states. Everyday hundreds are losing there coverage in this age group for the same reason, there cycling through the private rehabs until they lose there coverage then they go back home and get on state insurance this cycling process has been going steady for 20 yrs and it takes about 5 years for one addict to cycle through. the last age group 16- 20 , there just beginning this cycle. Most privately insured rehabs are in nice warm sunny states so when the insurance runs out they return to there home state places like Iowa, Rhode island, Nebraska, ct. the states that had more private insurance per capita are the ones probably seeing the biggest increases in the state enrollments.over the last 10 years.there are new people getting addicted everyday they will also fall into this cycle, all of this is because of the this 30 day drive thru treatment that's almost 40 years old and its wrong its always been wrong and no ones looked back. so that's how this epidemic is working now that I've explained that and hopefully in a way everyone can understand. in my next post I will explain the economical aspects of this epidemic.

Report #4

Becoming addicted, experts label it a brain disorder. Addicts say its a disease. Either one doesn't matter to me, I am just going to explain what it does, and I'm going to base this on 10 years as an addict and 20 years researching why. I've detoxed off heroin on multiple occasions without medication. I've watched hundreds do the same. The last time for me was in 1997. All I can say is sometimes a knowledge and understanding of something, out ways education and expertise, and with this disease that couldn't be more true. 95% of every addict out there from 16-60 all became addicted in one way, equating something in a pill form to altering the chemical reactions in the brain. In most cases this happened in adolescence other cases as teenagers. This is a subconscious psychological hook that gets set deep and probably is the most critical when it comes to treating heroin addiction. Some of the major medications that set this hook over the last 25 years are Ritalin, Risperdal, Adderall, Xanax, Paxil, Valium Welbutrin, Seroquel, Ativan and numerous others. Most of theses are prescribed in adolescence. The brain at that time is already going thru its biggest changes in life, so your mixing mood altering medications in a brain that's already experiencing huge chemical changes naturally, so the teenager is now trying to regulate these changes by experimenting with other drugs, alcohol amphetamines, benzo’s, etc. which eventually leads to heroin, Once there's heroin, there's nothing else,,, period. There's everything before heroin and nothing after heroin. You become addicted in three steps. brain, body and blood. When you first start using, the opiates go right to the brain. More importantly the central nervous system. As far as i know that is pretty much everything and it starts to control all aspects of your body. Since opiates occur naturally in our body, its easy for it to move throughout the body, attaching to nerve endings, even getting into the major organs. When this happens the body and the brain become opiated, when that happens the brain does an immediate about face. Within 24 hrs, its a hairpin turn. The addict goes from I want to get high.... I want to get high.... I can't be sick....I can't be sick...., just that fast, At this point the addicted brain becomes Temporarily Chemically Incompetent. The addict is now using anywhere from 15-30 bags of heroin a day just to be normal. There's no more getting high, there's only not being sick. Everything else in their life becomes secondary. The brains sole purpose is to keep enough in the bloodstream everyday to maintain this incompetence. In order to get clean and clear of opiate addiction, you have to reverse this process. Starting with the bloodstream, then the body, then the brain. In order to pull it out of the brain, you have to get the brain to a natural chemical base line. The current treatment plan prevents that from happening, and the biggest psychological hook of equating a pill to some kind of altered chemical reaction in the brain is not even being addressed. As a matter of fact it's being exploited by the current treatment. I'm going to take through the treatment process currently being used in just about every rehab in the United States.

Report #5

The entire detoxification process for opiate addiction is about 12-18 months and it happens in three separate stages. The bloodstream, which takes 3-7 days, the physical, which lasts from 60-90 days, then there's the emotional and psychological detoxification, that starts about 4-6 months, That's when the brain usually gets to some kind of chemical base line or relative thought process. The key is to get them to this point. Before this point, the brain is at a constant state of chemical incompetence. If anyone isn't sure of the difference between a constant and a relative here is an analogy..... the sky is blue everyday, no matter what its blue, that is the constant, what is relative is the particular shade of blue in the sky at any given time in the day. After about two months of the brain maintaining this base line, the final detox happens. That is when the receptors and transmitters get to clarity. It happens in just about the same time it takes get hooked in the first place. It all comes back. That person that was lost due to this incompetence starts to emerge again. You can get clean and sober from everything else but with heroin you have to get clean then clear. The easiest way to understand is put a piece of paper in front of your eyes and say, "this is clean", pull it away and say "this is clear" and repeat it a couple of times. It is important that everyone understands the current treatment plan is not even getting them half way through the physical detox. Now I'd like to break down the physical detoxification process. you will not die from heroin withdrawal. You want to die and you feel like your dying but you probably wont. The symptoms for the first 24-72 hrs are in order...profuse sweating, runny nose, tearing eyes, cold chills, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration deep muscle pain, headaches, convulsive muscle spasms and bone and joint pain. Everything I just described is the central nervous system purging the body looking for opiates. After the first 12-24 hrs all of these symptoms are happening at once. When an addict says they cant be sick, this is what they are talking about. As these physical symptoms are happening, the psychological symptoms start. Anxiety, depression, anger, insomnia, bi-polar like actions and mild hallucinations. After anywhere from 3-7 days of this, the body starts to stabilize. The addict starts to crave two things besides heroin, Sugar and fluids, which will last 2-3 months. After 7-10 days the vomiting and diarrhea stops, but all of the other symptoms continue to occur for another 60-90 days, until the body is finally detoxed. The brain is still in a complete state of chemical incompetence that doesn't start to change until 4-6 months of not having opiates or any other mood altering chemicals in the brain. At about the 4 month mark, the psychological withdrawl starts to increase. This is the second stage. This will last 4-6 months. At this point, the brain is trying to manipulate the the addict in any way possible to get high. The disease can no longer manipulate the body so now it moves to the emotional and rational part of the brain. These are trigger symptoms and some of them are, overconfidence, (thinking you can use and stop again), anxiety, depression, guilt, mistrust, money, (either having it, or not having it). One of the other symptoms in this stage is laughing or crying at any given time for no apparent reason. It just happens. I just need to add this. At just about the 30 day point there is a big overconfidence trigger, which relates to the addict in rehab. Finally if the addict makes it to the 6-8 month mark without any major chemical influences, the last step in the process happens slowly. At first the the receptors and transmitters and all that good stuff in the brain starts to come back. Rational thought starts to take hold, the addict's brain is now at a chemical baseline which it it probably hasn't been at since they became addicted. Now the addict has finally got clean and clear. Clean from the body and clear in the brain, There is a huge responsibility on the addict to stay clean, but you have to get them to a point of chemical competence so they can fully accept their responsibility.

Report #6

Now that I've explained the withdrawal process, it's separate stages and the time lines of each stage, I'm now going to take you through a typical 30-60 day treatment plan that’s currently being used in most major rehab facilities. The first stage is two weeks of detox at which time they use things like Ativan and Seroquel to help stabilize the body and other medications to help ease some of the acute symptoms of withdrawal. After about 10-14 days they go to an inpatient facility. When the addict arrives they go through intake they ask you what medications you are on, or were on in the past. The psychiatrist will do an evaluation and the next day they take you to the doctor. He or she will prescribe some of the following medications. Ativan, Seroquel, Adderall, Paxil, Klonopin, Clonidine, Depacote, Wellbutrin, Phenobarbital and Xanax (if you read the past posts you will recognize a lot of these) and numerous more. Some patients are getting two or three of these prescribed at the same time. If your a second or third timer through this your a veteran and that addict knows just what to say to get these medications, A lot of these medications are the same ones that set that psychological hook in the first place, (equating something in a pill form to a chemical reaction in the brain). That's pretty much where any proper treatment for heroin addiction ends. For the next thirty days the patient's addiction is in a state of pause, they're eating large amounts of sugar and retaining water. Their skin starts to clear, then they are given a prescription of Suboxone and sent back to whatever little town they came from. When they get home they look great, Their loved ones are happy, The addict looks better than they have in years, Loved ones get confident that the addict is finally on the right track, however there is a huge overconfidence in the addicts brain because they feel they have beaten the worst of it when in reality they haven't even got past the physical withdrawal. They literally look all shiny and bright on the outside but inside their brain is still in a constant state of chemical imbalance. The psychological hook hasn't been addressed, its been exploited. Now the addict has replaced the fear of being sick with the fear of not having either Suboxone or methadone. This psychological fear is a huge factor in the addicts recovery. It's bigger than the fear of using again. The loved ones will say they made 2-3 months before relapse, but that's just how long it takes to get caught again. Most addicts aren't making it a month and as soon as they start to use again. within one week they go right back to their 20 to 30 bag a day habit. As I said before there isn't a lot of relapse happening, there's just a lot of rehab happening because of the current standard and protocol. I'm going to give you the proper definition of heroin relapse. In order to relapse you would have to have opiates in your system, then become completely clear of opiates. Then re introducing opiates into your system again. A true heroin relapse doesn't happen until a year or more of not using opiates, This has gotten so bad in recovery that addicts think relapse is part of their recovery. They are not relapsing, they are just releasing the pause button on there addiction and for this reason you have an 80% failure rate, mostly due to never addressing the major cause of their addiction but exploiting it and not getting them past the physical withdrawal before giving them a blocker. I'm going to explain the problems with Suboxone and methadone in my next post.

Report #7

There use to be a saying in recovery: the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. the current treatment plan for opiate abuse which is 30 years old is the poster child of that definition, So now this is what that standard of treatment has done economically to the insurance industry. 25 years ago when private insurance started to pay for rehab it was for two reasons, States could no longer support the number of people coming in for mostly cocaine and crack addiction not heroin, and the number of working class people that were now coming in was growing. A law was passed that if you told your employer you needed help, he had an obligation to hold your job until you returned from treatment. That's how the private rehabs adopted the 30-60 day treatment, Back then most people had insurance coverage through there employer maybe two or three out of every hundred would go through rehab every year. The average cost, 25 years ago for 30 days of treatment was about 15-20 thousand dollars. At that time the failure rate for heroin addiction was about 50%. That all changed when oxy's, then heroin hit the suburbs and its been the ultimate trickle down disaster for the insurance industry since. When this epidemic blew through this country most of the people it affected had very good insurance, some double coverage, most with a family plan. All through there employer. This became a catastrophe for business, Now that same 2-3 out of a hundred turned into 20-30, On top of having to cover the children, who were under the policy, and most of them were and still taking multiple trips. That's probably the reason why employers can no longer afford to cover there employees or families. This isn't five or ten years, this has been going on for twenty and its going on now. On the other end the rehabs exploded as I had said in a past post, The failure rate jumped to 80% and that's where it has been since this epidemic started. The current average cost of a thirty day stay now is 60 thousand dollars. Some will go through this 5-10 times before their insurance runs out, This year the insurance industry will spend 70 BILLION dollars on a treatment plan with an 80% failure rate. It's your money and that's why your premiums like everybody else's are going through the roof. Now on the other end of this is the heroin industry and the rehab industry both are booming, Rehabs are setting up more and more facility's in sunny spots everyday and the heroin industry cant keep up with the demand so they're stretching there product with a multiple array of deadly chemicals, leading to bad heroin in the street. I'm going to state this now, this is going to get much worse very soon for a good reason, which i will explain further when I get to what is coming in the future, Everything I have posted on this page so far is because of one simple formula no one has looked back on. in my next post i'm going to show you just how your insurance money is being spent. stay tuned!

Report #8

Methadone and Suboxone, over the last 30 years these are the two things we have come up with to treat heroin addiction. Ones bad the other is 10 times worse neither one is being used for its intended purpose. methadone was designed to get the addict hooked on methadone which it does then wean the addict off within a certain time frame there are people who have been on this program for 25 years, going everyday to get as little as 10 milligrams, all because they were never properly weaned off of it. if you ask anyone that is on this program even after years of not using what they would do if they couldn't get there methadone you would get two answers, one is " i don't know" and the other is " i have to get dope". Now that they are putting blockers in methadone the addict no longer has the second option which leaves them in a dangerous spot. methadone withdrawal is much worse than a heroin withdrawal and it was never intended for long term use. methadone was the lesser of the problem now its the same as Suboxone and any other blocker. Now Suboxone is probably the worst thing that could've happened to this disease because its a blocker nothing gets in but nothing gets out either. the natural physical withdrawal stops as well, it just stays dormant until the Suboxone is removed. i know this is gonna get negative feed back and i'm not saying it hasn't worked for some, but its also not being used the way it was intended and it has gotten so interwoven into this epidemic that its being abused and even injected. what we have done is gotten people hooked on something that could actually kill them if they don't have it. with heroin withdrawal you feel like your dying and you want to but as i said you probably wont but with Suboxone there is likelihood you might . if 1,000 people woke up this morning and didn't have there Suboxone within 12-24 hours 300 of them would die within 72 hrs that number would go past 500 that’s how dangerous Suboxone is and i think there are close to 20 million people on Suboxone in this country right now. these people would die from two different things acute heroin / Suboxone withdrawal or a heroin overdose. if you were on Suboxone and couldn't get it this is what happens within two hours your body starts to withdrawal at an accelerated rate or hyper- detox. the natural 60-90 day physical detox is now trying to happen in 72 hrs. think of it like hypothermia only instead of pulling at the extremities for blood to save the organs, the brain starts pulling from its resources to try to stop the withdrawal process and regulate the body there is actual video footage of this i just don't know how to put it here but David Muir did a special last year on 20/20 featuring a girl who was desperately trying to get money for Suboxone and as the special goes on she is rapidly getting worse if she hadn't gotten that Suboxone her body would start shutting down just like hypothermia and within 12 -24 hours she would be on life support. if she makes it past 24 hrs she will be so desperate she will go out and get heroin and one bag will kill her because of the state she is in physically. i hope she made it through okay, and one other thing on that video there is a part where she opens her medicine cabinet looking for something and over her shoulder you can see 50 - 60 different med's and my first thought is i wonder how many trips to rehab it took to collect all of them and she wasn't using any of them. this is the reason why Suboxone is so bad and if you try to wean your self off of Suboxone or methadone the clinic strongly advises against it for one reason, money.

Report #9

PART 1. Now i'm going to take you through a typical 30-60 day rehab trip this time from the rehab stand point, there are a lot of rehabs out that are trying to do good work and this is not a reflection on them. I'm talking about the ones you see on late night TV some guy dressed up like a doctor telling you you can't do it alone, there not trying to help you, there trying to help themselves to that GOLDEN insurance card. When Oxy's then heroin rolled into every suburb in the country the rehab industry exploded and when that happened they went from rehab facilities to rehab corporation's. you may have 5-10 satellite rehabs all under one licensing group and there are thousands of these type of set ups mostly in nice sunny places. anyone can do this go online and punch in rehab you will see places that look like resort vacation spots ALL of this just to attract your insurance dollar. this is and has been for the last 15 years a finely tuned well oiled insurance milking machine, some would say an on going criminal enterprise, but that isn't for me to say i'm just going to show you how it work's. REMEMBER this is your money your through the roof premium's on everything you insure... Jon smith is 19 he's addicted to heroin and he needs treatment so he calls one of these rehabs. there are three main questions they are going to ask him, do you have private insurance ? do you have money to get here and can you be high when you get here. I never understood the last one myself, once those are answered the billing process starts the average cost for Jon smith's 30 days of treatment will exceed 60,000 dollars and he will start a cycle that may take him through this treatment up to ten times over a 5-6 year period, until the ins. money is gone. this isn't just one addict or one rehab this is the majority. 70 billion will be spent this year on heroin addiction most of it on an industry with an 80% failure rate for the last 20 years, 80% this could be the reason why your job cant afford to insure you anymore, this is a multi-billion dollar a year shakedown. part two of this post is going to break each piece of this machine down so you will understand exactly how it works. i spent half of my life surrounded by rats and snakes and all i can say is it takes one to point another one out.

Report #10

PART 2...The reason why I picked Jon smiths age to be 19 for this post is because at 18 all of his treatment ( prescriptions, therapy, counseling, and recovery plan) has to be shared with his parents. At 19 he doesn't have to share any of it if he chooses not to, leaving the loved ones blind as to whats going on within his recovery. That's a serious problem with the current treatment protocol. Now he arrives at detox, insurance has paid for his transportation and will now pay 10-15,000 dollars for a 7-14 day stay. Most likely he will only be there 7 days, then they will send him to a 30 day inpatient. The insurance company will be billed for all 14 days, and fly him to the rehab. This is where the REAL billing starts. He comes to rehab completely chemically incompetent, hoping after 30 days he can go back home and resume a clean life. The rehab is betting on him leaving after fifteen days because after fifteen days they can bill the insurance company for the full 30 day stay at an average cost of 40-60,000 dollars. Jon smith represents every single person that has gone through and will go through this cycle. Over the last fifteen years all of them have repeated this cycle 5-10 times until every last nickel of insurance money is GONE. That's why you have so many people flooding the state systems, but wait...... because the billing just got started. When he arrives, he is sent to a doctor as this epidemic and industry continue to steam roll. The doctors associated with them get less and less reputable. You may have one doctor who handles 5 rehabs in a 10 mile radius. The doctor will prescribe him 3-5 medications at a cost of 150.00 each, but then he may prescribe two or three other things (extras)....acne cream, eye drops, special brace for your arm, ANYTHING they think they can bill for. Each one of these prescriptions will generate numerous pieces of paperwork PER SCRIPT. That doctor will see 10-15 patients a day. He will make 8-10,000 dollars that day and create hundreds of pieces of billing in one day to insurance carriers. This is one doctor in one day and this is going on in thousands of treatment centers and sober homes. The doctors and the rehabs are doing this on purpose. They are blinding the insurance company with so much paperwork that billing is just writing checks. I know there are millions of dollars in checks being sent to to families and they have no clue where or what rehab they need to send them too. This shakedown has been going on strong for 15 years. Here's a little more fraud just in case this isn't enough. If Jon Smith decides after 15 days to leave he can sign himself out taking his bag full of meds with him out into the streets of FL, CA and AZ to name a few and what the rehab does is tell him if you want to come back here it has to be within 24 hrs or we can't take you back. Then they give him the names of three of their satellite rehabs in the area. Jon Smith makes it two days on the streets loses all his meds and calls one of the numbers they gave him... AND THE BILLING PROCESS starts all over again. Remember as he goes through this cycle once or twice, he has now learned how to abuse his insurance as well. Addicts will use this card to not only doctor shop, they're using them to fly to rehabs all over the country. People who have been through these dysfunctional nightmares more than once learn from the others. A lot are using the excuse to go to rehab just to get away from where they're at. Most know by now that they're only making them sicker. If he makes it to a sober living facility, he will share a condo with 10 other addicts, none of them any better. All of them sharing meds with no supervision. They're also drug trafficking, prostituting, extortion, rape and any other things you can think of. The person who owns the place is charging insurance 3,500 dollars a week per person, on top of whatever he can get from the families back home. You're seeing the rehab and sober house managers getting arrested here and there and they are cracking down, but all of them are just tiny players in this overall fraud. Remember two things ...THIS IS YOUR INSURANCE MONEY, and this is all able to happen because of a 40 year old, 30 day treatment plan that WAS NEVER DESIGNED TO TREAT HEROIN ADDICTION IN THE FIRST PLACE. No one has looked back this standard of treatment and its' timeline. If this insurance nightmare were a snake, this standard and protocol would be its head.

Report #11

GATEWAYS, FIRST LOVE, TRIGGERS...what i would like to do is put some of these into perspective and maybe update somethings. Lets start with gateways for just about every addict out there living or dead there's only one gateway,( equating something in a pill form to changing the chemical reaction in there brain.) this usually happens at a young age, some of the medications that create this are Xanax, Adderall, Ritalin, Ativan, Klonopin, Sereuqil, and probably 30 others. this is a psychological hook that gets set deep. To try to better understand what i mean lets say you take a vitamin c everyday something you have done for ten years. Then you go away and forget to pack them, as soon as you realize it the fear of getting sick because you cant take them sets in, and if you do get sick you immediately blame it on not having your vitamin i hope explained that clearly. When it comes to mood altering pharmaceutical's this hook is 10x greater because its not a vitamin this gateway is what leads that person to there first love. A FIRST LOVE is that one thing that most people start to abuse right before they find opiates, and its usually the thing they go back to right before relapse. for me it was alcohol i was an alcoholic by 13 and i stayed that way until i found heroin at 19. i couldn't do both my body wouldn't let me, so the only time i wasn't an alcoholic is when i had a heroin habit but as soon as i would detox i would go right back to the bottle, and then back to the needle. I realized if i never drank again i most likely wont use heroin again and i don't. this is a list of what i consider first loves, ALL of the pills above but mostly Xanax and Adderall along with alcohol, cocaine, only the addict knows what that first love is. all of these are being used to treat underlying conditions during detox, that is one of the reasons why the addict will relapse within 60-90 days. TRIGGERS. These are the things that will trigger a relapse, overconfidence, that 30 day i feel great i'm never gonna use again overconfidence will kill your recovery within 60 days, you feel great psychically but then the psychological detox starts and at this point these triggers start to happen, RELATIONSHIP'S. getting into a relationship with another addicted person is the worst thing an addict could do at this point for one reason, just like fingerprints no two addicts are at the same point in there recovery one will pull the other one down one will give up there recovery for the other. money is a big trigger, person gets out of recovery gets a job and the first thing they do is celebrate by using, feeling they earned it and it's only this once. social media, this one explains itself. TIME, the reason i say this is usually when an addict goes to rehab two or three times the loved ones are tired of hearing the same old story, if your an addict the first 60 days seem like a year every day seems like a week so when your loved one comes home, they feel like its been forever but to the family its only been 2 months, this person doesn't understand why the family still remains distant and that will cause the person to say why bother trying. The excuses to use are everywhere, my friend died, my family hates me, i don't have a job, my shoelace broke, it's Tuesday, that's the opiates trying to rationalize using any way possible.

Report #12

THE FUTURE...Hmm, lets start with the immediate future. we are about to repeat history with this epidemic, its already starting and its going to start escalating pretty quickly, and we aren't going to stop it. When we found out how addictive Oxy's were and started pulling them from the medicine cabinets, we didn't realize just how many people were addicted to them until everyone started to become addicted to heroin. you see the result of us taking oxy's out of society now. As more and more people turned to heroin, the demand got so high the dealers can't keep up leading them to stretch there supply with deadly chemicals. A couple of years ago our gov in an effort to help, restricted the amount of opiate based med's a doctor could prescribe i believe that was necessary we had to do something. There is one big problem with that list, Percocet and Vicadin. these two drugs go hand in hand with each other and they give the person addicted a different kind of high. currently there are millions of people in this country addicted to these two medications, they never switched to Oxy's or heroin, they've always maintained there habit through illegally buying them in the street or doctor shopping. both of those options are pretty much gone,and a new heroin hole is going to be created, and these people are going to fall right into it.This new addict that your going to see in the street, rehab, or cemetery is probably going to be between 45-60, professionals who make enough to support a 1000-1500 dollar a month habit, they are going to switch to heroin, there are also millions of Americans that suffer chronic pain, they can no longer get there med's either, they are going to fall into this cycle as well because they can't just quit anymore than a heroin addict can. I'm not sure how many experts out there understand the withdrawal process of Percocet's but they can be just as bad if not worse than a heroin withdrawal, and that process in a 25 year old compared to a 55 year old can be potentially deadly, and they are going to withdrawal, and they are going to use heroin. Heroin dealing is no different than any other business,it relies on supply and demand the demand now is making them cut there supply just to keep up, well what do you think is going to happen when this hole opens up and all of the above mentioned start falling in, dealers are going to find anything under the sink to cut it with. last year the death toll reached 60,000 in this country next year its going to be closer to 100,000 that's coming we aren't going to stop it. Now whats coming in the distant future, currently there are over 300,000 TODDLERS on mood altering medications in this country toddlers 2-6 all i want to know is who in all of there expertise would sign off on the time the the 45-60 year old's finish going through this cycle of mistreatment, that 300,000 will surpass a million, and they will already have that psychological hook set deep and on there way to becoming addicted. There is a light that is starting to shine for the proper treatment of this disease/disorder, it's getting brighter but its still years away from where it should be. Hopefully when i get to that post I will have you convinced that i might know a little about heroin addiction. in my next post I'm gonna try to break down how this disease has affected the family dynamic, something I have more knowledge about than anything i have put on this page so far. please excuse any errors, I'm not a writer I'm a hunt and peck dinosaur.

Report #13

I think before i get into what a possible solution may be id like to address where we are at this point, why, and who may be at fault and who is not, and maybe settle some arguments. Ronald Reagan ? we can't blame him when he signed the substance abuse act heroin was a none issue compared to alcohol cocaine and speed, so it was put into the same category as the rest and given the same treatment plan, that created the 80% failure rate we have now within the rehab system. This standard of treatment is just as incompetent, just as sick, and just as dead as the person its trying to help and no one, not one expert ever looked back, even the newest report from the surgeon general doesn't address this. I believe we need to separate the way we treat opiate addiction from EVERYTHING else, it needs to be put in its own separate category and have a completely different standard and protocol,one that looks nothing like the current/ancient one. This is the catalyst that is fueling this epidemic. Our government can't be blamed either, i need to say that because in there effort to do what they thought was right, they have made two big mistake's one created this epidemic through backlash, and the other is just getting started and its building speed, the newest stats say 500,000 death's in the next decade, i'm saying that's going to happen within 7 years for one reason they didn't take into account all the people that are going to become addicted from no longer having Percocet or Vicodin, or just being 60 and dying because your body can't handle the Percocet withdrawal. Over the last 20 years we took the three most abused painkilling medications out of society, taking Oxy's out gave us the epidemic we have now, overall Oxy’s didn’t last long in society compared to Percocet's. Percocet’s have been around much longer, and there are probably 20x more Percocet addicts in this country than there ever were Oxy addict's. As I had explained in the post about the future, we are going to find out just how many there are. They are going to show up at detox and fall right into the rehab / re-trap cycle. All in an effort to stop young people from becoming addicted. As sad as it is for me to say this, I believe we took the wrong pills away from the wrong people and created what we have today, if we really want to prevent people from becoming addicted we need to take the harsh pharmaceuticals out of the mouths of our children, this is what is setting that subconscious hook of something in a pill form, these are probably the biggest ones right now, Xanax, Adderall, Ativan, Riddelin, Paxil. and any number of others and if you noticed these are the same ones given in detox, and most are that persons first love. Parents are absolutely NOT at fault, they are just going by what there Dr, is recommending, just like we have for 60 years in this country, putting blind faith in the magic pill. there is another option now and its coming on fast in this country, and i'm going to use this Analogy: If your child didn't have toothpaste to brush his teeth, and you had two options BLEACH or BAKING SODA which one would you choose as a parent? a doctor should have this option, a parent should demand to at least have that choice. I’m going to end part 1 of this with this, 300,000 TODDLERS ON MOOD/ ALTS IN THIS COUNTRY. our long term future doesn't get brighter either.

Report #14

PART 2...This is the landscape I see today when it comes to society and this addiction. I see experts arguing on whether its a disease or a disorder, I believe it's what I said it is, ( A TEMPORARY CHEMICAL INCOMPETENCE ) that effects the central nervous system due to opiate addiction. What makes it chronic is not getting the proper treatment in the first place. I think at this point the argument is mute. I see people arguing whether its a choice, its NOT a choice. no one chooses to get addicted and people get addicted to things everyday, i.e:smoking, eating, exercise, its not about whether they choose to get addicted its about them choosing to get clean, and the 14 yr old that just o.d. didn't have a choice or a chance. When your an addicted adult you have to WANT to get clean, when your a child you NEED to get to get clean, but whether you want it, or you need it , when that person shows up at a detox / rehab, they deserve the PROPER TREATMENT and they aren't getting it . This standard and protocol is failing at a rate of about 80% and that means all the money, that 60,000 dollars spent on one person in 30 days is also being wasted, IT'S YOUR MONEY. I see forums that are an absolute chaotic mess, the panels are full well educated people not one with a personal understanding there leading the room with there p.h.d.s instead of there knowledge and experience I see lawmakers like deer in the headlights trying to figure something out that up until 5 years ago they had no understanding of they've had to take the same crash course in this addiction as everyone else. I see expert's crawling out of the woodwork wanting to be the next big thing, I see millions of dollars being spent on studies and reports all to benefit whoever is paying for the study. This probably bothers me the most, I see addicts and there family's being exploited, late night rehab commercials that are a slap in the face to any family that knows what this is, its gotten to a point where now they are making fun of each others commercials, its a joke and the medical profession should be ashamed of themselves, I see doctors that have thrown there oath right out the window for the sake of the all mighty dollar, and for the favor big pharma. I see people hawking books, selling heroin apparel, DVD's rehabs exploiting there addicts to bring in more addicts, sober coaches, the last one i don't have much of a problem with as long as its being done for the right reason. I see people selling there story instead of telling there story. I see a government, that took Oxys, Percocets, and Vicodins, out of society and replaced it with heroin addicts and Suboxone, i see those same people telling others what they need to do but cant get past there own addiction. I see an industry that has been up and down three generations of American's and they now have there hooks in the babies, this same industry has given us Oxys Xanax and Percocets has also given us methadone and Suboxone, and just about every addict out there. Now in a last ditch effort they are throwing Tramadol and Ketamine at this addiction hoping to get people hooked on that as well, this industry has spent billions trying to stop medicinal cannabis from taking hold, now they are trying to get FDA approval for a synthetic version, don't believe the hype the only reason why is because they are losing 1,000's and 1,000's of people everyday to this type of therapy. they know they can no longer stop this therapy from becoming reality in this country. and the last thing I see is a rehab industry in a giant gluttonous money grab because they know the money train is coming to a halt, these are corporations that have very smart people working for them and they are already trying to pass legislation that will prevent them from being sued. So with all that happening I really feel arguing and talking and forums and studies and everything else is pretty wasteful, talking's over i think the (expert's need to consult the real expert's) and put down there papers and books and the holier than thou attitude, and do what every addict in recovery is taught, do the work and be humble its time to do the work not write the next book. there is a way to get started and I'm willing to offer it up over the next few weeks.

Report #15

There are very few things in my life now that I can actually say I hate I dislike a lot of things but hate is a powerful word. I use to hate everybody and everything, when I became CLEAR in prison I looked in the mirror and I realized everything I hated was staring back at me. 20 years later i'm still not sure what I see in the mirror but at least I don't see that hate. two things I do hate one of them is grey area's and the other one is this very page I HATE this page with everything in my soul, I don't want you to hate this page I want you to understand it, love it, and share it. To me every post and every word comes with 45 years of painful memories, I'm 53 and I have known addiction on a personal level since the ripe old age of 9 and no that's not a typo my addiction started at my kitchen table with my parent's it killed both of them and half my family. Now you understand why i hate this page? The second thing I hate, GREY AREAS I hate grey areas in my life, the reason why there is so much info on this page is because.. I have a problem with stopping its an obsession I've come to love / hate , I have to break everything down to its black or white conclusion, if something else comes up i have to chase that too, that obsession is what made all of this work possible. I tried to thread this addiction through every social aspect and there are still a few more to go and I want to apologize for the way I am presenting this, my goal is to pack as much info into each post, as I had said if this was a book each post would be the power points to a chapter in that book, but i have to tell it before I could ever sell it, (just my own personal rule). if you notice most of my posts are done on the weekend and that' s because its the quietest time in my house. I wanted to post this before I got into posting about facts myths and that grey area between what addicts are feeling and what experts are saying. thanks and stay tuned.