Suzannah Yumi Cunnington

A collection of my modelling jobs

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Fraser Taylor // @initsrightplace // @fraserlaser

Strolling around Tate Modern on a misty afternoon

Jusan Aris // // @jusan.aris

Both of us barely had any sleep because of London’s nightlife, but still met up and produced some nice shots around King’s Cross

Photography: Brian Uijterwaal // @thirdeyedesign_nl

Styling/clothing: Regina Mulder // @reginamldr // @lhitw

Edward CH Lai @ Amsterdam October 2017

HEMA September/October 2017

Fashionshows 2017 (schools)

Hairstyling: Maria Karchnakova

Photography: Sanne Grasdijk

Coiffure awards 2017: Maria Karchnakova

Eden Schwartz @ De Kringloper Naarden

Photography: Goffe Struiksma

Muah: Suzannah Cunnington

Reptile shoot by Hans van Son