The Rough Draft

So many roads, so little time...

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Good news! I'm in the initial stages of turning Devil's Gambit into an audio book through Findaway Voices. I've been looking to do this for some time now but the Amazon ACX system was defeating me at every turn due to my Canadian address. The process is not cheap but the chance to expand my...
I missed last year's open house because of work. It's a great day out with vintage cars, bikes and aircraft. I switched over to my Sigma 150mm-500m f4.5 as they were starting to get aircraft in position to fly. I swapped lenses and went back to the Twist 60.

I’ve got a running joke about my life. “What I love about all of this is the glamour.”

It’s hard to talk about yourself and not sound like a grandiose asshole. Believe me, I know I’m not the most interesting person in the room at any given moment. As a writer it’s never a good idea to be that person anyway. We need to be able to talk to people, get them to open up to us and then exploit their life experiences in print for the benefit of our characters and stories.

I know most people look at anything in the arts as a bit of a lark. The easy way. For some reason they see anything creative as wasting your time, when you could be doing something worthwhile.

I’ll be honest, it pisses me off. Every creative person I know is a grinder. They work day after day in every spare second they have to create, be it writing, directing or art. It’s anything but easy.

The second you say you’re going to do something creative the universe aligns against you and you start the fight of your life. Every project is hard and full of pitfalls and sacrifices. My wife is used to watching television alone at night because I’m writing and then there’s the amount of time on top of all of that doing, “This.” The social media aspect of it all. The part most writers don’t want to do because at our core, we are very private people and exposing bits of yourself online feels pretty dangerous.

Personally, I don’t really give a shit. People have opinions and the internet lets them share those opinions no matter how nuts or misogynist they might be. I’ve tried to make a point to only post positive stuff to the web as of late. Do I complain about shit? Are there things that make me sad for humanity? Sure. I just don’t see the point of feeding that particular wolf.

The world is a beautiful place. Sometimes you just need to stop, look around and realise this.

2016 has been a bizarre year for me. I completed a trip that I’m still running through my head. I changed jobs and then my new job in a small company became a new job in a giant multinational when we got taken over. To make it even weirder, the giant multinational is treating me better than any company I’ve ever been involved with my whole life. And being Scottish, this feels very weird.

But getting back to the art, specifically the writing side of things.

I’m working my way through the edit of Devil’s Ante, once that’s done, it goes off to my editor to start the main edit. I’m pushing for a December release. Hopefully it does better than Reliance but even if it doesn’t that’s fine. I’m writing because I want to tell the story. Money’s nice but it should never be the reason you do something you love. I’m also almost through the first act of my new script, “The Chosen Ones.” That story, based on true events is like juggling live electricity and for the first time in a very long time, I’m enjoying working on a screenplay.

Weird as it has been, I’m looking forward to what comes next.

I don't do Photoshop. Maybe I'm a Luddite but for me it's more about correcting minor things in the image. I'll play with contrast, sharpness, color correction and white balance. Lastly I'll adjust my exposure settings. I can go up or down two full stops. I guess what I'm getting at is I prefer to...
Reputation is everything in film. Your, "Rep," will proceed you in almost all transactions and while a good rep will move fast, a bad one will move even faster. It is, as I'm sure you already know, a lot easier to get a bad rep than a good one.
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