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Welcome to our blog. Here we post articles and videos of interest, for church members.  We hope that you will enjoy them, and share and discuss them with other church members and friends.  Scroll down to read them: the newest articles will be at the top.  Let us know your thoughts and questions on them.    

(This article was first published on Christian Today) The former leader of one of the UK's few mega churches (Abundant Life, Bradford), Paul Scanlon, is now someone who gives 'Master Classes in Communication'. Recently he communicated a very interesting thought that has caused a bit of a stir and hit a nerve.

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have in their post General Synod letter called for a new ‘radical inclusion’ for the church. In this post former Theological Advisor to the House of Bishops, Dr Martin Davie, examines this idea of inclusion …

It is the 500th Anniversary of the event that kicked off the Reformation this year, in October. In this article Reformation scholar The Rev Dr Ashley Null argues which we still need Reformation Anglicanism today:

In memory of Mike Ovey, Principal of Oak Hill Theological College, who died last weekend. Mike delivered this outstanding paper at the 2nd GAFCON conference in Nairobi.

Recent survey about parents passing on their faith to their children

The fastest growing church in the world

All Christians want to be encouraged by their church family. Those of us who are blessed to be united to Jesus Christ live to be a blessing to others (2 Corinthians 1:3-4). The world lacks encouragement. Sadly, we're often frustrated by the lack of encouragement in our relationships at church as well.

29th May 2016

Fifth Sunday Special: The EU - What would Jesus do?

By Mark Ellis In 1912, medical missionary Dr. William Leslie went to live and minister to tribal people in a remote corner of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. After 17 years he returned to the U.S. a discouraged man - believing he failed to make an impact for Christ.
That hanging sense of guilt and shame, a wondering if you'll ever be good enough... What do you do when you can't stop feeling ashamed? When it comes to secrets, most of us have quite a few. We can have secrets about what we want to do with our lives.
Fullerton, CA-Local father Trevor Michelson, 48, and his wife Kerri, 45, are reeling after discovering that after 12 years of steadily taking their daughter Janie to church every Sunday they didn't have a more pressing sporting commitment-which was at least once every three months-she no longer demonstrates the strong quarterly commitment to the faith they raised her
The Babylon Bee / The Babylon Bee