Middle School Retreat

Sept. 14-16,2018

“What is God's will for my life?” This might be the #1 question for every believer. We all have questions and face decisions all the time, and we find ourselves constantly wondering about God’s will in them.

Some decisions are small and seem less significant. What pic should I post on instagram? Do I want Mexican, Chinese, Burgers, or Italian for lunch?

Other questions involve large, life-altering decisions. Here are a few that will be coming up in a few years... Should I date? If so, whom should I date? Should I go to college? If so, where? What should I major in? What career path should I choose? Should I marry? If so, whom should I marry?

But even in the daily grind of Middle School, you need to know how to hear God’s voice? What do you say when your friend hurts your feelings? What clothes are appropriate and God honoring? How do you respect leaders, parents and family members even when you are angry and upset?

You will gain wisdom & encouragement to help you navigate these important life decisions. You will also gain some growth tools to get better n-tune with God so you can learn to trust him in the midst of all life’s decisions!