Student IMPACT Team

This is a team of students who desire to lead by example and serve in the student ministry of #Snyderyouth. You would have a ministry role & take ownership of various parts of the ministry.

Here’s an overview of the commitment you would be making:

I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and live by faith that he was RAISED FROM THE DEAD. I do this by choosing to learn & follow His example and His commands in the Bible.

I am committed to:

  • Regular church and youth group attendance at Snyder Memorial Baptist Church.
  • Modeling a healthy commitment to my family. I seek to resolve conflict in a heathy way whenever it occurs by communicating my feelings, expectations, thoughts and beliefs to the best of my ability.
  • Personal growth through Bible study and prayer.
  • A monthly meeting with an adult mentor to discuss your spiritual growth plan. (How is God speaking to you through your Bible reading? What challenges/ opportunities are you dealing with and how are your going to respond? What new idea or goal are you seeking to accomplish in the next 3-6 months?)
  • A lifestyle befitting one who is a role model and an ambassador of Christ.
  • Being an example of proper behavior during worship services, programs and activities.
  • “Being a Light” on my campus, in my neighborhood and in my home.

I am excited about the following duties:

  • Serving in a specific ministry area. (see Ministry Areas). This is in addition to regular youth programs and activities.
  • Attending bi-monthly IMPACT meetings in the youth suite on the 2nd Wednesday night 7:15-8:30PM & 4th Sunday (11:30-2:00PM). Lunch is included on the Sunday meeting.
  • Complete Leadership assignments

APPLICATION for Spring 2018 is due by DECEMBER 31, 2017