We love Jesus because he 1st loved us. We live for Jesus because He is ALIVE today.

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#Snyderyouth- DNOW2017 BE FREE

What keeps tripping you up in life? Is it a particular thought, doubt, fear, behavior? Or maybe it is something that happened TO YOU in the past and you can't let it go. Jesus said, he came so that we can BE FREE. How does that sound?

This is a team of students who desire to lead by example and serve in the student ministry of #Snyderyouth. You would have a ministry role & take ownership of various parts of the ministry.

I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and live by faith that he was RAISED FROM THE DEAD. I do this by choosing to learn & follow His example and His commands in the Bible.

  • Regular church and youth group attendance at Snyder Memorial Baptist Church.
  • Modeling a healthy commitment to my family. I seek to resolve conflict in a heathy way whenever it occurs by communicating my feelings, expectations, thoughts and beliefs to the best of my ability.
  • Personal growth through Bible study and prayer.
  • A monthly meeting with an adult mentor to discuss your spiritual growth plan. (How is God speaking to you through your Bible reading? What challenges/ opportunities are you dealing with and how are your going to respond? What new idea or goal are you seeking to accomplish in the next 3-6 months?)
  • A lifestyle befitting one who is a role model and an ambassador of Christ.
  • Being an example of proper behavior during worship services, programs and activities.
  • “Being a Light” on my campus, in my neighborhood and in my home.
  • Serving in a specific ministry area. (see Ministry Areas). This is in addition to regular youth programs and activities.
  • Attending bi-monthly IMPACT meetings in the youth suite on the 2nd Wednesday night 7:15-8:30PM & 4th Sunday (11:30-2:00PM). Lunch is included on the Sunday meeting.
  • Complete Leadership assignments
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