How AI is taking over my job. or is it ?

I am a UI designer/developer by profession. I write code to build webpages and applications. I have done a lot of it. Starting with Yahoo Geocities and Microsoft Frontpage to Dreamweaver Sites (*.ste ), Flash, PHP templates, Joomla/Drupal, Wordpress and Laravel. The landscape of web design has changed. Fast.

Unlike “Learning web design and development” in two weeks, I honed my skills over many years, sometimes because of client demand, and mostly because of self-interest.

I have had the pleasure of meeting with significant people in the industry like Dan Mall, Lee Brimelow (gotoAndLearn()) in FlashPitt, Mr. Zeldman, Jason Santa Maria (AEA) and listening to them and a host of other important people saying important things. And then putting them to practise in person and client projects.

Having said all of that, HTML and CSS is my life. There was no bootstrap, flexbox, css gradients when i started. I barely knew how to write it. But i learned it the hard way. Each and every property that i use. (and a lot of them that i don’t including css gradients)

So when someone like says that they can automate this process, i was excited and anxious. I wanted to see the future. The beta was a complete and utter non-sense, but i want to give this another try. Lets give it a shot. Over the next year or less, i will work on updating this site and see how it develops and builds a site around the things that i want to publish.

Welcome and Adios!