A Family Chronology

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Biker Days - 1970 Kawasaki H1 500

In 1969, Kawasaki came out with a motorcycle built around a 500cc, 60-hp three-cylinder two-stroke motor. Designed to compete with the Honda 750 that came out in 1967 what Kawasaki created was, at the time, the most powerful production bike out there. At the time, development was delayed because they was no tires that could handle the 60 hp output from what came to be known as the "Widowmaker" which ran the quarter in the low 13s. It sold for under a grand. I have owned three 'triples', the H1 500, the S3 400 and the H2 750 (a very scary ride that could hit 125 mph). My first bike ever was a 1959 Triumph Tiger 500 that generated 40 hp. I thought that bike was quick but the triples were a whole different beast.

Adam's Bar - Forest Street, Orange NJ - No longer there.

The dive bar. Most NJ towns have one. A state of mind as well as a location. Everyone knows your name. Nationwide, an estimated 18 million Americans live in areas where either the use of liquor is banned. By contrast, the Garden State has only 32 out of 566 towns where liquor sales to the general public are not allowed.

Alaska RR

Denali to Whittier in about 8 hours. Plenty of time for family snaps.

Caddy in the Clouds

Cadillacs are identified by their tail fins. There were a lot of over the top fins but the 1959 Caddy’s were stylish.

Cherry Blossoms at 222

While Branch Brook Park, just down 280, is noted for the largest collection of cherry blossom trees in the United States, and we try and visit there every spring, we have a weeping cherry tree that was almost taken out by a huge falling oak. As you can tell It is doing fine now and while it's only one tree as compared to the hundreds at Branch Brook we don't have to drive to see the blossoms.

1969 Pontiac Firebird

This is the last year of the fist generation of Firebirds ('67, '68 and '69). The engine was re-built with valves, pistons and springs that can handle unleaded gas and the transmission was upgraded from the Super Turbine 300 to the TH350 Turbo-Hydramatic. Classic Detroit muscle.

Fly Pontiac

The makes of cars from this era can be identified by their hood ornaments. Some can even tell you the options such as engine size. Based on this site I think this is a 1955.

Leaving South Orange

Kaitlyn heading back to college after a weekend home. We all took her to the train and cried when she was only going back to Boston. Now its all the way to California.