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If There's A Hell Below

I've seen no better example of how powerful storytelling can be than IF THERE'S A HELL BELOW. - Film Colossus -

As part of making If There’s a Hell Below, Seed & Spark invited me to write a guest post for BitchFlicks.

Carol has directed over 45 plays including 7 world premieres, a quarter of Shakespeare's canon, a few musicals and an opera. Carol is currently at work on Urinetown at Cornish College of the Arts. Other credits include, The God Game, Singing In the Rain, Emma, The Art of Racing in the Rain, Reckless, Bug, Dead Man's Cell Phone, End Days, Stop Kiss, Halcyon Days, Betrayal, Wit, Proof, Intelligent Design of Jenny Chow, Winter's Tale, Complete Wks of Willm Shakespeare, Don’t You Dare Love Me, The Vertical Hour, Retreat from Moscow and others. Formerly she has served as Artistic Associate at Seattle Public Theater, on the Board of Directors of Greenstage Theater, and was a founding member of Green Highway Theater in Chicago. Carol teaches at Cornish College of the Arts and a member of the Sandbox Arts Collective. She holds an MFA from The Shakespeare Theater at George Washington University and a BA from University of Chicago.

A musical about corruption, greed, the concentration of power into the hands of few AND a comedy?! You betcha. This April: Urinetown