About Us

Brian & Lindsay Schlick are the team behind SchlickArt. They are here to tell your story, preserve your legacy, and help you grow. We love helping individuals, businesses, and non-profits by providing an authentic and collaborative photo & video experience. Everyone has a unique story to tell, so we work closely with you to create a customized experience that you will truly enjoy each time you work with us. Creating authentic, story-driven, photography and video for empowerment and growth is what inspires us and SchlickArt makes that happen for clients everyday.


Our photographs and portraits has a romantic lightness to them. We capture an authentic version of you that might comes as a surprise because all too often we pick on ourselves and don't allow ourselves to see what everyone else sees. That is why we are here, to put a mirror up to you, to show you that you are beautiful just as you are.


Our business videos and films capture authentic stories. The focus of them is to relate your message to an audience that is engaged and inspired by what you do. Our speciality is telling stories and we believe communicating your story is the best way to build awareness and preserve your legacy.