As always, greetings tabletop travelers! Welcome the Sanctuary Core website. Within these pages we will go over all things about the sanctuary core rules and the various tips and tools we will provide for you.

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Open SCGS testing!

Updated 2/25/2017 Well, what a way to end the year! With our first child! It also gave me some time to digest some of our play testing and the feedback provided by the people who read and played our first round. Thank you to those who have participated and made the game better by doing so!

But we need more. We need a bit more of what you all think and what can improve! If we are going to make this game anything we need to let people all over get thier hands on play-testing Sanctuary Core.

So if you are interested in reading, testing with a group, we would love you’re feedback! It means a great deal to us!

Sign up by clicking HERE.

Miniature Work In Progress (WIP)

Updated 12/6/2016

So, in between managing the websites, working on the rules and getting expansions worked out, I have also attempted to design some miniatures (as we want to players to have something to use, collect and paint!)
I am not saying to any pedigree that I am a talented artist, but I am always open about what I am doing behind the scenes. In the past few days I have been “rigging” base meshes that I have worked on with low detail. The turntable video’s below are two miniatures that I have been testing and posing with.

Raptor Status 50% - Clean up work, some additional poses and final detail sculpt and these will be done. One of our testing modules/expansion we have used in the past (in the very early stages) we had an expansion based off of prehistoric lore (dinosaurs, primitives, etc.) The raptor model was based of inspiration around that story.

Base Human Model - 20% Done, I may even scrap it. I need to work on a few of the spots where the posing is messed up a bit.) Also, more poses, different armor/cloth and several weapon types are also still to be done.

Look for more detailed sculpts soon as well as finished models.

Basic Card Layout/Mechanics have been posted!

I feel more and more comfortable with where the core mechanics are. We will be slowly rolling out more and more information about testing and the game itself, which we hope people who are reading and watching are anxious to give a shot. We really are trying to bring a unique and fun game to the tabletop.

What that being said, I have launched the page for the basic card layout and some information on the mechanics. Head over to the Sanctuary Academy (<— click there) and click on “Basic Card Mechanics.”

Updated 11/17/2016

The game is getting closer and closer to being 100% complete. This is a huge goal and something I never thought that I’d ever get close to completing (at some point there will be no more additions of rules or versions, I understand now why there are 2nd/3rd editions; which I dont really want to do, but may not have any choice!) With that being said, I’ve been wanting to show everyone that has shown interest/support what the game is and how they can get involved.

For that we turn to A website that uses a virtual tabletop, dice rolling and various other cool mechanics that will allow me to show people who want to watch and listen what the whole game is about.

To stream we will be using as that is the easiest to use and one of the more popular approaches to streaming/communication.

I really would like to do this at least 1-2 times a month. Generally speaking these modules/adventures will typically last one or two days based on how many people are interested in playing (the more we get the more sessions I will run.)

The calendar below will be updated and maintained (but for now will be on the home page.) Check the schedule to see if anything has changed!

Testing Update

I’ve handed out the first wave of packets to a handful or two groups several months ago. Ive had a few suggestions but nothing major in the aspect of adjust major mechanics. During this phase I’ve held testing sessions to find other possible ways of building upon what I had and place and to see if anything was needed. Needless to say we’ve adjust a few things to make the game even easier to understand. Mainly reducing the amount of dice needed for skill checks and attacking during combat. A simple formula was added to make combat a much more intriguing.
Once I finalize those changes and get them added well send it out again and well run testing for another few months and it should be once again completed with the new layout of the cards. This marks hopefully the closure on a long road to make this game something new.

I do want to say thank you to those who’ve taken the time to dive into this system and give it a chance! It’s deeply appreciated.