Sanctuary Core Gaming System

Welcome home tabletop travelers!

In between a new born and a new game, SCGS has been sort of neglected sadly the past few months. While as much as I’ve tried to work on anything, a newborn has definitely consumed a lot of time. For that I apologize, this game is something I’ve wanted done and completed for years, but as we all know, designing a tabletop RPG system can be both time consuming and frustrating if things don’t line up or execute right.

With that being said, the system does work and function, but getting the amount of testing in has been the hard struggle. Though we have given roughly 20 groups testing packets, some found it a bit time consuming to go through, and one person said they had a difficult time getting through the book.

My current focus is testing in a public setting (live stream broadcasting) of the game and hopefully this in turn will lift any confusion on the games rules. I do not have a schedule planned, but I am actively working on settling down with a group 2-4 times a month to get not only the amount of testing in, but the ability for people to actually see how it’s played.

With that being said, some more changes to the website soon hopefully as this has been also neglected alongside Relic Stars website. Though these are outlets for people to get updates on both Seekers and SCGS, the core focus for me as the creator of both and the only real hands on changes and fixes are finishing and testing the core mechanics. So, stay tuned as always and thanks for being patient!

What is the “Sanctuary Core Gaming System?”

Sanctuary core is a system of rules that govern a multitude of worlds and universes. The game uses a various set of cards that will be crafted for the module they released but easily adaptable when various new card sets for adventure modules have come out. The core mechanics heavily revolve around Fatigue and Skills. While cards play a major factor in combat and even some non-combat related actions; Fatigue will always keep a player asking themselves if they really want to risk exhaustion.
Every set will be available for print and play. For those who enjoy the physical aspect of cards and books we will have unique options for character sheets and higher quality card stock for the realistic card feel.
Head over to the Academy to learn more about the core mechanics!

What’s the plan after release?

I want to see this game grow more than just expansions. Once the core rules are set in stone and we have the first edition and the completion and release of the first module, I want to add more interactive tools for everyone to use. I have a fantastic phone app idea that I have written out that I really would like to see through that will add a lot of tools for both the Game Master and the Players to use.

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