little sayings about enormous things 

a Poem and a Painting

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However you carry a prayer


you carry a prayer,

to the one who always hears,


you make your self-aware,

and drive away your fears.

It may be 

in ceremony

that brings you 

to lovingly create, 

a single minded focus, 

in a spiritually 

surrounding state.

It may be 

bare feet in the grass,

or singing, dancing, or chanting,

or an object that holds some

sacred space

or even staring into 

the flame of a fireplace. 


it is for you, 

to know that it is done, 

and you feel that unity, 

that sole thought of the One.

Throw away society

It matters,

how you look at things,

and what life you breathe

into form.

The consequences

are enormous,

so beware the traps,

of societal norm.

There was a time,

when all life

felt connected.

and was sacred,

its balance and harmony


all the ignorance,

greed and hatred.


we have become

a throw away society,

with all consuming,

wasteful consumption.

No regard

for the gentle ways,

only the wrong presumption.

When everything plays,

a broken record,

there’s no satisfaction,

just angry reaction.

The ancients knew

and laid out the key.

There's one simple rule

that will set you free,

there’s one simple rule,

to have, honor and be.

Be courageous,

be bold,

and live the

rule of gold.

"Do unto others

as you would

have them do unto you".

It doesn’t have to be

hard to do.

It’ll put you

right into the proper state,

and will take good care of

the ugly greed and hate.

and as you do,

so others will too…..

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