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Where is thelove


I just want to

close my eyes 

and go to sleep,

and hide from

what all the world

wants me to keep.

But then I remember love

and how wonderful it is.  

All of the colors, 

the sounds and fragrances. 

I look deep into your soul

to see our sustaining connection,  

for in that moment,

I touch the mystical whole 

of love's sacred reflection.

Where is the love?

he asks,

here it is, 

right here,

hiding just 

behind your fear.

#love #fear #spiritual #painting #poetry

My impish little boy

A  knowing smile, 

half up-turning his face, 

a wink in his eye, 

wafts sweet fragrance  

all over the place. 

He had a 

rascally confidence, 

a playful expression of 

innocence and joy, 

boldly revealing a  


loving countenance. 

That’s my impishly 

handsome, little boy! 

The Painter


gloriously entwined  

with canvas, fingers 

and face, 

mingling but not combined, 

leaving a visible trace,

all over the place. 

He plunged into, 

the truth of everything,  

contemplating his painting 

and the words he wrote. 

He’s been reacquainting  

to the harmonies of 

an ethereal note. 

The secret is not 

the face you wear,  

nor the feats you dare.  

Its not what you say    

or even what you do.   

Its that life always draws 

out of the deep in you, 

and plays a spiritual cause 

for every natural effect.  

He wonders what’s 

to be made 

of the fixity of these  

up-side-down laws,    

in this world 

we inwardly reflect. 

#painter #spiritual #senses #poetry #love

How I love those

in-between times,

when life is unhurried.

Absent are

most of the things

that make me

feel worried.

Every moment

is mine,

and the present is

the only

important time.

- so I asked,

“Why can’t it always be

this free and easy?”

but it didn’t feel

like the real deal

so I asked

a different question,

- just because…

“Why is it always

this free and easy?”

- and then, it was…


I imagine 

and live 

the ‘what’, 

of those happy 

and sad endings 

to the dreams 

I choose to occupy. 

But what of all the 

middles and in-betweens, 

in my mystically 

awakened lullaby. 

Life’s adventure  

unfolds as the journey 

of 'how'.   

It can not be known, 

except in the now. 

Looking back,  

it never happens 

as I thought it would,   

although with certainty,

we really want to know. 

But knowing, is, 

just not to be had, 

for it is the purview 

of above and below,

and we can neither,

subtract or add. 

Let me be love

Here and now,

in this place,

I am just a collage,

an ever-changing host

for the colorful array

of my imaginings,

and the body

for the vast collection,

of every one of my

thoughts and feelings.

I act and react,

by my rememberings,

and express views

tinted by the backstory

of my worldly dealings.

Effortlessly donning

unique motifs,

my life is an amalgam

of the totality of my beliefs.

And I can only see

what I let in

through senses

that are highly attuned to

my inner patterns.

Filtering all that I have

ever been,

and stored away,

in the dark of my

terrestrial caverns.

If it is true,

that I am the whole

of my ways and means,

then let me choose wisely,

and rise above,

and let me,

now, and forevermore,

divinely be,


a bunch of wild flowers


How lovely is her hair, 

as it tangles and dangles, 

in a bunch of wild flowers 

she gathered there 

whiling away the hours. 

Held so close to her heart,  

she feels their sacred powers,  

whose pedals nuzzle her cheek 

with every breath she takes.  

An intoxicating fragrance   

deliriously lifts her 

into loving states,  

where every moment is unique

and has its own adoring mystique

in what it creates.  

They speak to her 

as on the wind,  

a gentle whisper in her ear. 

She speaks to them 

in an unfamiliar tone,   

a surprisingly present known 

of ‘now and here'. 

an uncomfortable cold

I thought,

isn't it interesting,

how an uncomfortable cold

causes the heart to swell

to an aliveness so bold

that my senses compel

to put all complaints on hold.

a rush

to my head,

lightens any load

I may carry,

a chill, tightens my skin

makes my focus

and thoughts run contrary.

I ask myself;

how could I love and hate

the cold so much,

and at the very same time,

(then I heard;)

well, its like many things

whose subtleties feel ominous,

but are actually,

in perfect rhyme.

a walk in the park

There is

good and bad

in the flow.

Life is not

always a picnic,

you know!

When you're faced

with the dark,

does your

whole world fall apart?

Or, do you;

get up,

dust yourself off,

silence the talk,

and take a

nice, long walk,

in the park.

a redish orange shadow

I have 

a reddish-orange shadow,

no matter what light 

or time of day,

Its sometimes above 

and sometimes below,

some unknown rule of nature 

it seems to obey.

I often wonder, why 

its not gray or black,

like other shadows I see,

the question always 

comes around back, 

"its because

its your shadow for me."

even the score

must I,
always even the score?
If there's a different count,
it must be an ‘equal amount',
there can be ‘no less’
there can be ‘no more’.
What a bunch of crap.
Am I some small minded,
insecure sap?
or a petulant spoiled child?
Why ever would I get so riled?
I’ve had enough!
of mediating the numbers
and wasting precious time.
In competition,
any relationship encumbers,
and lays waste on the vine.
And although,
it may seem
a perfectly human thing
to do and feel,
its only when,
I start to illumine,
only then,
can I, start to heal.

What’s to become of me

I wonder

what's to become of me.

There's a scent in the air,

that I clearly see,

I smell flowers 

through the touch 

of my fingers, 

and I taste whatever 

my imagination places 

in a memory that lingers.

My senses 

have flipped, 

they’re no longer 

so reliable.

I read them 

differently now,

as my world 

becomes undeniable.

a life of perfect 3 point landings

There are times

when things end up

exactly as I want,

but they just don’t go

how I planned.

Only upon reflection,

can I glimpse

the truth about

what is and isn’t

at my command.

There are

forces and ways,

beyond our means and understandings,

(while he mindfully lays,

a life of perfect 3 point landings).

His many failures,

tell of a mastery

not quite at hand,

so for now,

he must settle to know,

that he makes it so,

but it will not always go

as he has planned,

and therein lies

the exciting journey of

our life’s dreams

and adventures.

Be they, limited to,

and just surrendered it seems,

by our deepest inner censures.

Silly Sacred Cow

We sure live

in a silly world

filled with dumb,

silly things,

stupid doings

and greedy goings on.

It may seem funny,

but not when it hurts,

or just a big fat con

all about the money.


we live where

the rotting stench

of despair,

fills the air,

and it stinks everywhere.


it never lasts

and it won’t last now,

for history repeats its pasts,

turning the tables

on this mean-spirited,

greedy silliness, sacred cow.

However you carry a prayer


you carry a prayer,

to the one who always hears,


you make your self-aware,

and drive away your fears.

It may be 

in ceremony

that brings you 

to lovingly create, 

a single minded focus, 

in a spiritually 

surrounding state.

It may be 

bare feet in the grass,

or singing, dancing, or chanting,

or an object that holds some

sacred space

or even staring into 

the flame of a fireplace. 


it is for you, 

to know that it is done, 

and you feel that unity, 

that sole thought of the One.