Scribe integration: introduction

Connections allow to create integrations.

A connection can be a source, a target or both.

They can be created in Scribe workbench.

You can add a source with Configure Source, the destination in Configure Steps.

We can choose the operation to perform, for instance update/insert.

Lookup links

Lookup links allows to avoid duplicates. Choose a source and a target field and then click on Lookup

Data links

Direct connection from source and target. Choose a source and a target field and then click on Data Link. Can add comments from the lower panel in Data formulas. You can right click on the link and change the formula.


Choose a source and a target field and then click on Lookup

You can do conditional conversion: convert only when specific criteria are met.

FORMAT(S#, "###-##-##) formats the phone number

S# is the field number # in the source

Strings values are defined within ""

Save/Run/Modify DTS

If not saved, before running you have to save.

You can also test the integration.

To run on the data modified since the last run as a custom query in configure query:

e.g. SELECT * FROM Customers WHERE ModifiedOn < :ThisRunDateTime and ModifiedOn > :LastRunDateTime

Automate the DTS in Scribe insight

tree off the Scribe Console: contains the integrations services.

The integration process is created in the integration server folder => Integration processes.

From there you can add a new automated process and control the existing ones

Process event: determines when the process is going to be run (queue, time, etc..)

Event settings: determines the specific time when the process will run (once, interval, etc..)

Activation: determines what to do when done: start or pause, set a range when the process will be active

Alerting: determine how to be alerted from this process