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23rd Century Poems - Sine Anthroposophy by philjo

Track 1 from philjo's 11th album, "23rd Century Poems" Released in 2016 Please leave a like and subscribe for more music! If you want your song published with a stylish video, or a fresh 3D look for your logo or moniker, contact me at [email protected] with your links and material and I will consider your request.

23rd Century Poems by philjo has released! You can get it now on your favourite digital music store and streaming sites!

Orka Veer

Listen to Orka Veer | SoundCloud is an audio platform that lets you listen to what you love and share the sounds you create.. Mountain View. 5 Tracks. 179 Followers. Stream Tracks and Playlists from Orka Veer on your desktop or mobile device.

Philjo’s Artist of the Month for January 2017 - Orka Veer

Philjo’s Artist of the Month for October 2016

Wolf Asylum is an IDM producer from Australia who has a large catalogue of work available online. I have been following him for some time now and what strikes me is how quickly his sound has evolved and improved. Something I recommend to audiences is that when they find an artist that they like, delve through the back catalogue to see how their sound has developed over time. It always tells you a story and puts you more in touch with the artist in terms of where they have come from and where they are now.
One of Wolf Asylum’s noteworthy albums is the recent LP which is thought provokingly titled “The More We Could Do Without” and contains a rich mix of break and glitch beats, with well placed squelchy acid sounds, magnificent sinewave melodies and ethereal vocals.
You can also listen to Wolf Asylum on Soundcloud:

UPDATE 14/09/16

This album is now available on Bandcamp!

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Shout out to Emma Catnip who runs the IDM facebook group for drawing my attention to this artist and his track, “27” which is going to be coming out soon on his new album. I am giving Ned Rush this spot because of what he has achieved in his sound, a nuanced nod towards well known IDM artists whilst keeping a firm hold of that coveted streak known as originality. A really fresh break, with evolving sound design to keep you hooked all the way through. Excellent granular sound with sweet wavesynth manipulation. It's quite impressive when you learn that Ned Rush has adhered to concepts that some would find very limiting, such as using one drum break to create every sound you hear, and using no effects units. The video is interesting too and fits rhythmically very well.
Ned Rush is about to release his new album entitled "Unsubscribe", which going by his preview tracks is worth following to it's aimed release of the 16th September 2016. You can join the release event here.

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Nobuo Uematsu’s masterful composing for the Final Fantasy video game series has captured the admiration of so many people, including me.
I continue to work on remakes of his music as it is so inspiring and I enjoy applying my sound design and production to his score.

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Lost City of the Ancients (Forgotten Capital) by philjo

This is my fan remix of a beautiful piece of music from Final Fantasy 7. Also Final Fantasy fans listen at the end for a hint of a new remix. See if you can tell what it will be! Follow me for more videogame remixes and originals. Album Art:

Classic Final Fantasy VII music by Nobuo Uematsu, with my own sound design and production applied.

Updates coming

Philjo is back. This year, a new website will be launched, and a new album will be released and new videos, video game remixes and projects will arrive. Watch this space!

Thank you for supporting me over the years.

In reverse order of appearance

philjos mix 2014 08 09

track list: 0:30 Hear Us by philjo 3:45 F-Zero Mute City theme remix by philjo 5:41 Innocence by Nero 8:23 Breath of Fire IV victory theme remix by philjo (unreleased) 9:32 Flutterby reprise by philjo 10:30 Blue E reprise by philjo 13:35 Leaving You by philjo (unreleased) 16:40 Cobalt Beat