Xristina is a performance practitioner and a doctoral researcher (Practice Research) exploring the intersections between scenography, participatory performance, and human cognition at the University of Leeds (PCI). Her research has emerged from her interest in the links between the making of our worldviews and the making of the stage. She uses a methodological tool brought into her research from her performance design and practice background: the contraption. She situates the notion of consciousness as contraption in the centre of her ‘arts praxis’, and uses it as a critical practice tool for generating participatory encounters between space, materials, and audience, and also as a way of conceptualising these participatory encounters, and processes. This scenographic participation is further analysed using embodiment, the socially collaborative, culturally situated and ecologically extended nature of human cognition. As artistic director of the aswespeakproject, Xristina collaborates with performance, visual and sonic artists to create performance and installation work in theatres and found spaces internationally: Currents 2013, New Mexico, USA; The Bluecoat, Liverpool (2013); The Round House, London (2011); The Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece (2010). She has contributed to international academic conferences and symposia in the field of performance and cognition such as the CogHumanities2016, AISB 2016 and 2015, IFTR 2015, ISTR 2014, OISTAT.