TheSaturdayMuseum is simultaneously real and fictional place where people from somewhere, nowhere, everywhere, anywhere, elsewhere, there and here meet to think, talk, make, play and do.
It is a haptic, moveable, portable, playful, handmade, often instant, personal, responsive, international, ephemeral, granular museum.
In collaboration with Art Guard TheSaturdayMuseum is currently running an experiment into what we can do with an ex Greek Cypriot working man’s club (Varosi) in Palmers Green. It has been open for twelve weeks we (Lucy & George) are currently working with Jack, Andy, George, Laura, Michalis, Hari, Anna, Ivan, Hugh, Filipe, Catherine, Jess, Zoe, Alaena, Gary, Tara and Bernardo. We are a group of people/ artists based locally nationally and internationally. We are committed to making use of this temporary space so people can collide and exchange actually and online. Varosi is for worldwide use.
Our current F L O W (film, lecture, workshop, other) is Antennae. Our future F L O W is Octopoda. Our past but ongoing F L O W ’s are Spiral and Fortune.