Realm of Crafts


Two Scandinavian Trolls, designer brothers Dee & Mii together with LG the creator, they enjoy to bring all their ideas into being. Dee is giving birth to the Dolls ,,LGsignD,, and Mii immersed himself in Sami Lapland Jewelry ,,LGsamiCrafts,,

We invite you to dive deep into the realm DeeMiiNovo where they´re hanging out !

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The Story

…. just waiting for the tiiMe for millions of years….

This Amber had been sleeping patiently and undisturbed for millions of years on the sea bed. Not one of all previous wind storms has been able to wake it up. Until 6th of December ´76….

…. when LG scared to death badly needed help to get rid of this monster that pretended to be her friend. At that time LG didn’t know that this monster only was the old cleaning lady from her kindergarden. It could have been the czar of Russia too, but were they not dead?! Why she was asking higher power for helping her to escape into the real realm full of trolls and creatures. Her emotional storm becames stronger and with some guidance from wind so ice cold strong….

…. that it woke the Amber. Scared to life, it floated trustfully with the waves on its long and dangerous journey, awake and ready to jump out of the sea into a predestined land and patiently wait hiden in the seaweed. Not for the next millions of years, only until….

…. until next morning, where Keld from Hanstholm found it on his everyday walk at the west coast of Jytland. As soon as he looked through it into the sun, LG woke up hearing a message was coming to her. From all sides she could hear….

….transform the form into spirit….

Keld gave it to his beloved sister Emmy when he returned home. And from that on, without taking any orders, all three were patiently following their nature so simply like the Amber himself. Because more than one season had been repeated until….

…. until Emmy, a wise old woman at that time, and LG met again. Yes, it felt for both exactly like they just missed each other for a very long time. Their souls were sealed for eternity. Emmy gave shortly the treasure to her soulmate, simply following her nature….

The first morning as LG looked through the Amber into the sun, somebody standing beside her with nothing than silence around him was whispering….

…. it’s tiiMe…transform the form into spirit… it’s Dee….

That’s how Dee came to Earth. For some reason like something still was missing to be complete. But LG wasn’t worried at all. Nothing felt to be wrong, it felt only not to be whole.

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In the Troll Universe…. following happened

It was necessary to send Dee to be LG’s friend first, cause Mii wasn’t ready to meet her at that tiiMe. While Mii was rebelling, Dee and LG were waiting patiently. In the TrollUniverse Mii had created time of turmoil. He has got enought to keep the tradition of being a classical Troll with traditional shoes like his old-fashioned big brother Dee. Mii became a Rebel. If he should be born in Realm of Crafts, he definitely wanted only “his own choice” shoes in order to prove that no shoes, no traditions are making a Troll to the “true” Troll. The whole TrollUniverse was schocked. They were trying desperately holding on to their traditions. It’s difficult to break them, even if they doesn’t matter. But Mii was standing his ground. As Trolls are intelligent, open and loyal creatures, they gave him freedom to make his own choice….because of tiiMe…to meet LG and his big brother Dee. That’s how Mii came to Earth.

…. and since than everything feels to be whole…complete….

It means no more disguised cleaning ladies or czars in the future. Finally she’s got true helpers she can trust and they became infinite friends.

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Dee & Mii are whispering….

…. don’t forget follow your naTure…True nature…..