About David Ryman Open It
We are a project focusing on the creation of newborn Artificial Intelligence with faculties for development from birth to maturity.
Technologies: Linux, FBP, Machine Learning, Prolog, Lisp, AoW
Every Person, Every Group, Every Company, Every Organization, Every Industry is understaffed, or will be. Technology is only part of the solution. Enabling every person to leverage that Technology is the other, by providing an intuitive visual interface to manage Technology.
How much code can all the code monkeys write in 40+ years? How much is in production now? Well, not much of mine, as far as I know. Open source is about sharing code to be used and improved.
Managed website values..... davidryman.com website worth is $ 4,385..... loganandlily.com website worth is $ 785..... dcadvocate.net website worth is $ 4,401...... kctrailblazers.org website worth is $ 1,265..... smokeysflorida.com website worth is $ 1,550.....
IoT, FBP, HTTP, NPM, reusable code blocks, node red, noflo/flowhub.
The key is Simplicity.