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Case: Main TV, every PC, and the RV. Technically the Main TV and RV run from Raspberry Pis.

Live sports: Ferrari F1, Chelsea, Chiefs and Royals.

Live broadcast: USA and UK News.

Movies: from all eras and genres.

Documentaries: Educational programming.


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Open Software

Operating System

There are many distributions containing Linux. I have used Red Hat, OpenSuSE and Ubuntu. I prefer Xubuntu for desktops, but use others for specific projects, e.g. Kali.

The core theory of computing has been with us for decades. Millions of monkeys have been hitting the keys for that time. We are running short of baby monkeys and unless we want the entire troop engaged to keyboard punching, we need to find a better way

Koko, the gorilla that can talk with humans, was recently informed of what was at stake during the world's climate-related summit. Edited for brevity and continuity, this is how she responded.