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Fun with Technophobia

I’m a news junkie and student of AI, Taoism, FBP, IoT and emerging technology. My partner and best friend suffers from technophobia. The problem: to assemble a system that is of benefit to both. Easy?

We have an ever changing landscape of technology. Several TVs, several computers, and the RV, and an every increasing list of sources for entertainment and education.

dragonshead - Squirting to Roger McGuinn

Remake of original Dragon's Head squirt, more effects and titles.

The origins of Flow Based Programming with J Paul Morrison

A filmed interview with J. Paul Morrison, inventor/discoverer of Flow-Based Programming This replaces 2015 video (was


The One you need

There are many distributions containing Linux. I have used Red Hat, OpenSuSE and Ubuntu. I prefer Xubuntu for desktops, but use others for specific projects, e.g. Kali.