Tommy Johansen

Work in progress

Photo editing and the progress when time and practise is your teacher

The Magic of .RAW

When you park your car and have about 30 seconds to react before the gust of wind hit you time is short, lucky for me i have alot of practise shooting action photos of weather. What the photo can´t tell is the force of wind about to hit you, and in this photo it´s at hurricane speed and a fall wind from the mountains and fjord. First photo is a copy of the unprocessed .raw file

First edition

The first edition is finish the same day, pushing and pulling on the sliders in Camra Raw to find the expression and mood i wanted for the photo. At the same time i overlook a fact about photo prosessing and after about 6 months i realise the mistake. It's maybe hard to see but the high lights is over exposed and the texture of the pixels is graine, when you zoom in the picture looks dirty, how did this happen? well it's a common mistake when you remove a lot of data out of a photo file.

Over 1 year later and a bit wiser

3 hours in the making and some well spendt hours of practise, the final produckt is here. Link to full size photo: