Tommy Johansen

The weather in Lofoten

Challenges and blessings

Like most of us that lives here in Lofoten when we get the question, whether or not you can expect bad weather on your visit? We tend to say “you can expect weather”. what do this mean? I will do my best to clarify what they really trying to say.


The mere fact that Lofoten is an group of islands (archipelago) out in the sea should heed a warning about unpredictable weather and climate, in some periods of the year (autumn and spring) you can have all 4 seasons in one day. The main reason for this active and changing weather is the gulf stream that passes along the northwest side of the islands. Heated sea water is fuel to the weather phenomenon called “Polar low pressure systems” and they can really form quickly and out of nowhere! You can read more about this here :
In some parts of the year (autumn,winter,spring) you might want to ask the booking agency about an backup plan in case stranded due to bad weather. This might help you! But when the weather is really bad your stuck anyway! A word of advice is have a buffer of 1-2 days in the end of your stay in case of an storm! Planning ahead prevents bad memories..

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The Blessings

The next part is more of an personal observation than mere fact! If you love to photograph dramatic weather photos Marsh is my favorite month! It is so unpredictable. October is also an great month for autumn storms and it can last well in to November. The arctic autumn light is bewildering! Due to the slowly declining angle of the sun the magic hour last easily 2 hours in the very end of November. In the start of December the twilight season hits Lofoten islands, yes they call it "the dark season" but it is more a twilight than pitch-black all day. The twilight season lasts until the first week of January, and if you are really lucky you get to see the opposite effect of a slowly increasing angle of the sun and it looks like this!

updated 11.09.16