Northern Light Hunting blog


Date 06.10.16

Like so often this night starts out on one end of a island, and i end up on the other side. However this time i’m driving around on an road that’s closed in the winter time.The art of planning for a hike out in the remote parts of lofoten is not that easy, preparing for a hike over days is what i consider one of my stronger sides, when you add this with years of experience chasing the Northern lights, i'm sure of sucsess. A mini expedition out in to the wild is in planning.
Link full size photo :

Date 4.10.16

Now we are starting to get in to the main season of the Northern lights, and deeper i will start to travel in to the wild and remote parts of Lofoten Islands. I will visit some known parts and some places i havent been for ages, now adays i’m just getting back in to night photography after 3 months of day lights 24/7. Link Full size photo :

Date 03.10.16

Every now and then you get to the point when you want to try out some new compositions and maybe aime for the stars insted :) Full size photo :

Date 28.09.16

A tad bit later the same night.
Link to full size photo:

I let this one speak for it self….
Link to Music : Mr Suecide Sheep
Link to Music creator homepage :

Date 27.09.16

Back at the Beach :) the conditions is changing we are moving in to an more active face for the Aurora due to an corona hole facing earth this update will be short but you find the full size photo on this link

Date 26.09.16

The whole evening I sat listening to the rain while I watched tv. When I was sick and tired of TV, I went out on the porch to grab something before I went to bed. To my surprise there was no rain and I saw stars in the sky. I picked up the camera and went for a walk. Weather conditions inspired me to focus on Orion, the northern lights were dim and the moon far in the distance. This combo of light can create a kind of weightless feeling in the image, so I focused on that goal. Link full size photo:

Date 23.09.16

Exploring new motives and trying to get some extra ordinary photos mostly ends up in errors the first times you try it, last night i had this grand idea of making a special photo of 5 sources of light. I love my 5d Mark III to death, but i think i gave it a bit too much to handle. Yes i feel it´s necessary to sometimes speak about the errors in making. First what you see on the photo besides noise and blurry lights? The 5 sources of light is:

  1. Starlight
  2. Moonlight
  3. Aurora Borealis
  4. Man made lights (streetlights)
  5. Bioluminescence

The blue light in the sea behind the boat is Noctiluciphyceae that generate bioluminescence when i drive on the sea, but to be honest i lack the gear for rigging a stable camera and i also lack an stable lens to make the photo. I have a idea on how to solve some of my problems but like you see from this photo the timing is crucial. I don´t give up easily, so if i get another chance with these conditions i give it my best shot !!

Date 20.09.16

Hunting the Northern lights when it is clear skies and moon light can be a challenge, at least if you try to photograph it. If you just want to enjoy the view sit back and relax.
For the photographers tonights photo might give you an idea how to solve the problem of the dominating light from the moon. Link to full size photo:

Date 15.09.16

Yes finally some Clear skies! The Northern light activity was really low tonight but i was lucky and got some shots before it died down. The location of this place is my secret ;) but you can see you need a boat to get there. I have wanted to get out on this island for some time now, have some sweet childhood memories from this place playing in the white sand on a sunny day. You can view the full size photo here :

Date 13.09.16

Here it is the start of the blog, i will post a photo and text on how my hunt have been and related stuff around this :) The photo will not be full size but will contain a link to flickr where you can enjoy the full size photo. I might also change out the cover photo with todays photo, now i just have to wait for clear skis for some Northern Light Action!

Date 30.08.16

The first evening out hunting for the northern light, finally me my camera and night time serenity. To be living in the land of the midnight sun is a blessing, but it can be stressful on the eyes and the brain with 24 hr daytime, when august starts and you get slowly darker days. It is relaxing at least for me! This year I'm planning to do some guiding, but still there is a lot of planning to do. I will team up with some of the finest activity creators around Reine in Lofoten. From here we can travel to several remote location for epic and unique photos and quality adventures. More info will follow! ful size photo link :