Tommy Johansen

Do you need a guide to hunt for the Northern Lights in Lofoten?

The answer is Yes & No…..

This is how to hunt for the Northern Lights in Lofoten Low budget.

what you need to have or do:

  • Warm clothes! (Seriously no joke)
  • Warm boots! (you are most likely standing in the snow)
  • Warmth headgear! (in case you do not consider it clothes ;)
  • Warm Gloves! (yes i’m spoon feeding you now )
  • Small flashlight / head lamp (do not use your phone in case you need to call for help)
  • Take a good look at the weather forecast before venturing out!
  • Compass (optional but recommended . So you can find North)
  • Road map (or GPS guide if your driving)
  • Get a Aurora Borealis forecast app or visit the link for Northern light predictions :Northern Light predictions
  • Find a spot with less floodlights around! No light pollution = Success!
  • Be patient! put aside 2-3 hours for the hunt at least.
  • Bring something warm to drink if you plan on staying out for long.
  • NEVER look for the Northern lights while driving anything….. Eyes on the road and traffic!!
  • If your not trying to photograph the Aurora you can also try to dim the light in your cabin and have a look out of the window, or you can just be right outside your cabin (Still you need a bit of warm clothes!)
  • If you don’t have a driving license and want to move around, you can use buss or taxi cab. (Just make sure that you know when the next buss comes around)
  • If your plan is to drive along the road to all the known Aurora spots road side in Lofoten, don't waste your money on a guide get a GPS sat nav in your car and just go.

When do you need a guide?

I will offer you some advice on when you should spend the money on a guide.

  • When you want to increase your chances for an successful hunt! (Be clear on what you are looking for!)
  • When you feel unsure of how to operate your camera in low light conditions.(An northern light guide should have at least basic northern light photo knowledge. Be sure to review their work)
  • When your looking for locations of the beaten path.(venturing out in Lofotens wild nature in winter time and the dark? Seriously a guide is an “must have”, for all the reasons of you surviving the endeavor)
  • When your looking to make a group or private event. (Marriage proposal, Kickoff or family tour it’s always good to have a sidekick around to make sure smooth sailing)

Be sure both you and your guide understands what your looking for in a guide service and what you get! when your spending the money you have a right to feel it’s well spent. But don’t be an ass just for the sake of trying to get refund, it’s just rude!