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Hi everyone, I am Arthur Benjamin Friday, a Photography hobbyist living in Trinidad and Tobago and I have finally completed my three year Professional Photography Course with New York Institute of Photography, (N.Y.I.P), and I achieved an A+ GRADING Overall. As I build this Web-Site and display a few of the photographs that I have done thus far in this ‘sun-kissed’ twin island State, I am hoping that you will have an idea of the culture, pastimes, and fun-place that Trinidad and Tobago represents, regardless of the negatives that occur, as do all countries experience. HAVE FUN VIEWING!

Arthur B. Friday

Online Photography School | New York Institute of Photography

New York Institute of Photography (NYIP) is an online photography school offering high-quality photography classes that are convenient and affordable.

MY NYIP EXPERIENCE: by Arthur Benjamin Friday

There was not a single Unit, nor sub-unit that I did not believe to be extremely helpful and important to me...I loved it all as it tested my resolve to become a technically better photographer than I was. I certainly appreciated the value and importance of not just including objects in the photo of a subject I was shooting because they 'looked good there', but to be critical and ask the questions: does any of the objects around the subject add value to the subject? Does any of it increase the universality of the subject matter? Did I unemotionally simplify the subject? Did I do everything I could in the actual shooting of the subject to ensure very little post -shoot editing had to be done? Was it my very best 'eye of the photographer' shot I could have done at the time?

I learned to make all those issues and many others that impact on a good photograph, second-nature to preparing for every shot I set myself to take. I decided quite early in the course that anyone can shoot in Intelligent Auto, Creative Auto, Portrait, and all the other built-in settings in the camera...but I wanted to master Manual! 98% of my end of Unit submissions were shot in Raw and Manual...I have become adept at shooting in Manual in any environment and condition; further because I could not afford a wide view camera nor its substitute - shift lens, to do Architectural photograph, it was no 'big thing' for me as I had always tested methods of shooting buildings and ensuring they were not leaning towards each other or backwards, or even a term new to me...ship's prow effect. I just always knew that those were not normal, however because NYIP enlightened me to the Architectural information, I worked harder at my own skills, utilizing all the new information to make my Canon Rebel T4i SLR and my 18-55mm lens with a Macro Attachment 58mm, do for me what the specialized camera and lenses are expected to achieve.

NYIP's Professional Photographer's Course ensured that I reinforced my own skill-set of innovation and initiative to overcome issues of absence of specialized equipment. I APPLAUD NYIP and I challenge anyone with the desire to be a better photographer to sign-on to the Professional course before specializing...it is paramount to your success.

Immortelle Tree - Eric Williams Women's Hospital Complex Field, Trinidad.

Mostly widely cultivated species of everlasting flowers having usually purple flowers; southern Europe to Iran; naturalized elsewhere


Dysfunction. Anyone who has sojourned through congregations or denominations would agree that these are not immune to dysfunction. These holy organizations often eschew the standards upheld by secular organizations. It matters not that those "profane" or "worldly" processes accomplish those organizations' mission, and serve humanity well - all within sound ethical boundaries.

At home and surroundings. Publisher: A.B.Friday…"NEWDAY”

Animals n Insects

Che (behind) and Chavez (foreground)...family's pets.

Chavez is the first of five pups from Che's first ever litter. Wonderful small dogs.

Che and her first litter of pups.

Chavez as a pup, second from right.

Iguana on the fence-line.

Tree dwelling lizard which is a delicacy in Trinidad and Tobago when fully grown. These can attain lengths of up to 3 feet from nose tip to tip of tail.