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Inspiration Through the Lens

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Muse: is to consider something thoughtfully. A source of artistic inspiration. I find myself inspired by many things but in life my children are my muse.

Julia’s Graduation Images

My daughter is graduating high school so we did senior portraits together. We did traditional portraits that were in her graduation dress with inspiration being the 50's or 60's. Then we also did some fun senior portraits in anime cosplay as a character named Mizore. This is something she enjoys doing and she loves going to the anime and the Cherry Blossom Festival in our area. These are some of the images I liked from her sessions.

Trevor’s Graduation Images

My son Trevor is graduating. I took graduation pictures of him and even did a few double exposure. I’ll post the double exposures later. The shoot went great and my son and I had a great time hanging out. He is joining the Army after he walks in commencement this June 9th. He plans on either working with military dogs or learning about aviation mechanics. He plans to use these skills after the military for working either with an airplane company or as a police officer. We’re very proud of him.

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Fun Photo Studies

Red Colored Rose

By Rebecca Batdorf 2018

Grass Hopper

By Rebecca Batdorf 2018

Dying Pink Flowers

By Rebecca Batdorf 2018

Some more flower images I've photographed.