Video Packages

1. Video Starter Package

The first package from our team at Mobile Media Ninja is the perfect start for those wanting to bring their brand, service or product to the next level.

  • One 3 to 10 minutes video filmed and edited with intro.
  • Two micro-media videos: 10-60 seconds edited with intro.
  • Still Photography
  • Location Filming: 1 to 2 Hours
  • Music Selection: 1
  • Interviews/Testimonials: 1
  • Branded Graphics
  • Pricing Starts from $500

Sample from our client:

2. Social Media Package

The second package we offer is a social media roll-out program that creates micro video and PR-ready "sizzler" reels. This package begins with a comprehensive review of needs and current messaging, and proceeds through into a production module that includes professional photos, video content, and interviews. Follow-through strategics will continue after launch, focusing on how to create and maintain an influence throughout your social media presence. We want our clients to receive a tangible upgrade with regards to understanding how they can represent their brand or product across the multiple platforms in the mobile media space.

  • Three videos up to four 60 to 90 second video filmed and edited
  • Location Filming: 1/2 Day (3/5 Hours)
  • Music selection: 2
  • Still Photography
  • Interviews/Testimonials: 2
  • Branded Graphics
  • Pricing starts from: $999

Sample from our Client:

3. Corporate Media Package

The third media package we offer at Mobile Media Ninja is the corporate video production, designed to give your corporate business the media presence it deserves. Our Corporate Video Package, using walkthroughs, interviews and testimonials will deliver a up-to three minute professional corporate video that will showcase your business with a clear, benefit-focused message about your business and its products and services.

  • Four videos 60 to 90 second video or filmed and edited
  • Or Three 2-3 minute videos
  • Location Filming: 1/2 Day (5 Hours)
  • Music selection: 3
  • Still Photography
  • Interviews/Testimonials: 3
  • Branded Graphics
  • Pricing starts from: $3.5k - 20k depending on budget

4. The Creative Package

The fourth package we offer at Mobile Media Ninja is the creative package. Creative projects (Music Videos) are always more delicate in regards to the artists visions, styles and emotional landscape. In this package we walk through a series of conversations first before determine the style of the shoot. We want to make sure that the original vision for the creative project is clear in this video production.

  • One video 3-4 minutes filmed and edited.
  • On Location Filming: 1/2 - Full Day (4-8 Hours)
  • Music selection: 1
  • Still Photography
  • Maximum locations: 2
  • Branded Graphics
  • Pricing starts from: Dependent on budget

Sample from our Client:


Amazing experience working with Andrew Morrissey from Mobile Media Ninja - pure inspiration, artistic insight, branding genius, fun, sensitive, and most importantly - Andrew is Centered in his Heart - bringing a real care into his production. The film-work he produced, the angles, color captured and the frame - pure art. Highly Recommended.

Jesse Lee Parker. (TaoYoga Jesse)
Director of Tao Yoga Academy (Japan)