Winter Conference | Los Angeles

You make these kinds of ministries possible. You help us do it with students, leaders, churches and digitally. THANK YOU!

Laura, Jared, Jenna, Eric and 900 more students are gathering in Burbank, California for the next four days for the annual Cru Winter conference. A staff friend and one of our leaders in the Campus Ministry invited us to pray for this gathering. This thought and prayer request resonants, with me, at least asking us to pray,

That these students would take their next best step of faith? Some students will become Christians this weekend. Some students will have their first quiet time. Some students will share their faith for the first time. Some students will give money for the first time. Some students will pray out loud for the first time.

I pass on the invitation to pray for this conference and the students who attend. May God find willing hearts to trust Him and take their next best step of faith.