It was through Storytelling that Jesus penetrated souls. It was through storytelling that he turned the world of the Pharisees upside down. It was through His story that the world has been revolutionized. Throughout the past 15 years, I have been given the pleasure of influencing Cru's storytelling through visual communication. For the past three years, you and I have been storytellers for Global Fund Development.

Today, I will step into a new role as Cru's Global Marketing and Experience director. Since Cru began a re-branding journey six years ago, I've had a fire burning within me to see Cru's messaging internally and externally streamlined with such precision that our storytelling will have even greater impact. Lisa, Madison (as a writer) and three other people I've loved working with over the years will join me on the Global Digital Strategies team. We are blessed to work under and support our Vice President, Ken Cochrum, who leads the Digital Strategies team.

Together, God-willing, we will do this so that we can even more effectively tell the gospel story so that everyone knows someone who follows Jesus Christ.

You are so critical in our being able to do this work.