Because of You we reach families too. :)

Cru’s family ministry, FamilyLife, has been serving for 42 years with the vision of seeing Every Home a Godly Home. And time and time again, couples have expressed that one of their biggest challenges in achieving a godly home is parenting. To help, FamilyLife is launching an all new Gospel-centered parenting initiative next month.

The robust initiative will include a video-based small group curriculum, online course, devotionals, and more. The initiative launches on May 1st with FamilyLife’s first full-length feature movie, Like Arrows.

On May 1 and 3 only, Like Arrows will be shown in over 800 theaters across the country. It invites audiences to witness one couple’s raw parenting journey and promises to stir the hearts of parents and church leaders toward intentional action.

The response with early audiences has been overwhelming, with many saying they were encouraged by the film that it is never too late to be intentional and bring God into the center of their home.

Check out the trailer at (where you can also get tickets -- for yourself, and maybe for a friend who might need some Gospel encouragement too!).