Thank you for being Indigitous

Because of you the very first Indigitous Meet Up took place in Orlando last night (March 6th)

Indigitous is a global community engaging with ideas and each other to advance God’s Kingdom through innovation.

I copied that from the Indigitous website, but this may not be brand new to you. I shared back in October about the 45 hackathons that took place around the world (see post). You help make those happen too. This meet up is part of a larger goal to engage 20,000 "digital missionaries" to leverage their skills, experience, and interests to help introduce Jesus to the curious and form followers in every nation of the world. I enjoyed meeting Crystal, Mark, Bren, and Mauricio and hearing a little bit of their interest in ministry via technology. It is a good beginning. Thank you for being Indigitous too through your giving and praying.