Because of You thousands…

You are in line at a coffee shop and strike up a conversation with the person behind you. You initiate conversation and he warmly responds to you as you visit with him. His accent suggests a Spanish flare. You learn that he is new to the area and knows few people. You ask if he has found a church for worship. He responds that he has not looked for one, but does wonder about God. You ask him if he thinks there is a God, and if so, has he heard how he can have a relationship with Him. He’s intrigued.

God Tools

It is almost time for you to order, but there is time for you to open your phone and navigate to your God Tools app. You open it and select the Knowing God Personally presentation. You show it to your new friend and share that God can be known and this shares how he can begin a relationship with Him. You ask your new friend if his accent is Spanish.

He responds, "Yes."

You click on the icon that allows you to select languages in the God Tools App and show him the presentation in Spanish.

"May I send you a link to the app and then you can look at it?" you ask.

He accepts your invitation. You press the share icon in the top right corner and get his number to text a link to the app.

A Gospel Seed is Planted

You press send. Then you place your order. The text is received as you both wait for your orders. He says he’ll check it out.

You say, "Great, and you have my number now, too. I would love to hear what you think after looking at it. Perhaps we can sit down and have coffee together some time."

"That would be nice," he responds with a smile.

With that, you grab your coffee and head for a meeting. He stays, and it appears he’s begun to download the God Tools App.

Even while you sleep

It can happen like that. It is happening like that all over the world, and YOU help make it happen.

First Quarter Results

Today I received the updated statistics for year-to-date usage around the world in sharing the good news of Jesus. Quality experiences have more than DOUBLED in Q1 of 2018 from 2017.

January 1 - March 26, 2017: 33,631 people opened the app for a total of 98,620 times (24,471 of those times meet our KPI*)
January 1 - March 26, 2018: 79,214 people opened the app for a total of 186,795 times (54,826 of those times meet our KPI*)
*The KPI​, Key Performance Indicator,​ is spending at least 10 seconds on the first two screens

Also, in 2017 the app was opened in every single country of the world except for North Korea! Every week we receive personal emails from people using the app to lead people to Christ. YOU are changing lives for eternity. Thank you.

P.S. To get the app on your device click here to go to the God Tools website.