Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov on Unsplash

Because of You the Kingdom is Growing

Middle East

Because of you, I will be in the Middle East. I will be training leaders in this unique area of the world how the perception our ministry audience, donors, and partners have of us is our brand. To be a valued servant of the Gospel and to be a trusted guide to our ministry audience through intention and discipline we can influence our brand to reflect what we believe and value.

Numbers and Metrics who cares?

Also, because of you, we can celebrate and delight that God's kingdom continues to advance. Allow me to share a couple of bullets I saw in a recent report in our global office. Let me say something about numbers first.

Are numbers important? I think they are to God. He made sure we knew that His creation of our world was a seven-day process. We know that living creatures entered the Ark in twos. We know how many days it rained. We know he chose a people made up of 12 tribes to reveal Himself to the world. Advancing to an event in Jesus's time we know how many he fed one day. We know they were told to sit in numbered groups. We even know they gathered 12 baskets of leftovers after everyone had their fill. There are many other examples in the bible where a metric is an integral part of the story.

Celebrate these outcomes

Enjoy these metrics and rejoice with me that you and I are a part of this kingdom expansion. "...Your kingdom come, Your will be done..."

  • Our total campus presence increased by 23% from 5,854 to at 7,187 ministries and movements! This represents over 1,300 new campuses recorded where the sharing of the gospel is to students by students. We have now seen a 43% increase in campus location presence since we began our Catalytic Acceleration (CatX) initiatives in 2015.
  • It is also very encouraging that the number of engaged and multiplying disciples is also up almost 20% in ministries outside the U.S., and the number of places where our presence is considered a movement is up 10% (now up to 33% globally). As we continue to expand in ‘breadth’ of ministry presence, we also see an increase in ‘depth’ through the growth of multiplying discipleship and an increase in the overall quality of our movements.