Because of you more than 600 gathered to #HACK.

Our founder of Cru, Bill Bright, was once asked if he could share the gospel with an unbeliever or share about the ministry of the Holy Spirit with a believer, which of these would he choose. Since he was known for writing a booklet called the Four Spiritual Laws which contained basic head and heart truth to receive God's gift of salvation and begin a relationship with God, it was surprising to hear him say that he would choose to share about the ministry of the Spirit with a believer. When asked about that choice he said that once a believer knows the work of the Spirit and leans into that power, the believer will go on to share the gospel with hundreds and maybe even more. The principle of empowering believers into action is the foundation of our Indigitous strategy.

You helped believers all around the world, in 30 cities, gather October 19-21 to leverage their skills as coders, designers, media creators, and more to look at ways to solve kingdom of God problems and share the gospel. This strategy is called a #Hack, and it is part of Indigitous. Indigitous is a global community engaging with ideas and each other to advance God’s Kingdom through innovation. It is believers who lean into God's Spirit to leverage their professional and avocational skills to expand God's kingdom using digital solutions.

To read more about what happen my teammate, Jeremy Lukens posted a report over at our Indigitous site.