Are we growing? These numbers say, “Yes!”

Jesse is a creative artist with Cru. It was nine years ago we hosted our 1st Creative Artists Guild of Cru staff. We met in Hilton Head where nearly 25 us got to know each other for the first time, shared best practices and worked through professional skill training to develop our crafts in telling God's stories. Since then we hosted five gatherings in Orlando, and I met Jesse for the first time in one of those.

Jesse just posted in our guild G+ forum a video he worked on this past summer for our national staff conference. It did not show (sometimes this is the hard life of a creative), but I will show it to you. It may not have fit the program this summer, but the numbers it displays represent people and the work of God's Spirit. If you have just under 2 minutes, it presents encouraging ground taken for God's glorious Kingdom.

I share this because you and I are part of these people and these happenings and it is pleasurable to peek at one part of what God is doing in and through us.