Because of You...

Come alongside people in the highs and lows of their spiritual journey and offer them next steps in knowing and growing with Jesus.

Give a gift to make disciples

To: Gospel Champions

You are essential to everything you read here if you are one of our Gospel Champions. History shows us that when God calls a person and even an entire mission like Cru® to proclaim the Gospel, he also draws people to support that proclamation of His Good News. What you read here is an extension of your ministry. Thank you for coming alongside people in their spiritual journeys and offering them next steps in knowing and growing with Jesus.

If you are here exploring who we are and what we do to come alongside others, you are welcome here too. This is our channel with our champions who are committed sharing the gospel in every nation and to making disciples who make disciples. If you want to join us through your giving, click the buttons below to become our Gospel Champion or learn about being a Gospel Champion. Another way you can extend your ministry, and we hope these stories you read here would inspire it, would be to pray with us. You are welcome here.

Give a gift to make disciples

You use the internet to make disciples, and the harvest fields are incredibly large.

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Because of you more than 600 gathered to #HACK.

A Google® Search that led to peace

Because of you...

Because of you I will talk about branding in the Middle East.

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Coming to a theater near you…

Learn moreGive a gift to make disciples

A movement of 20,000 digital missionaries, God willing.

This is our aim.

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Because of You…

It is happening like that all over the world, and YOU help make that happen.

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Pioneering new training to promote growth in digital maturity.

Meet some of the people you have influenced.

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900 students forego video games, skiing and the beach this winter.

What did they do instead?

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Giving thanks for You!

Really you are amazing.

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What can you do with a millenial?

Find out.

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See how Jesse reported our year-end numbers.

In less than 2 minutes see this video on how we are growing.

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Stepping into a new role.

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