We are having fun in an audio cave. The recording of a mini album is a recent result of our play and we introduced it to the sun and the shadows on 1 March 2017.

It's one of our favourite spots in the universe. A home for our instruments. Birthplace of many of our songs. Incubator of our mini album Travel Light.

We invited 25 persons into our audio cave and gave them headsets to listen through. Then we played, the four of us, wearing the same type of headsets, thus sharing the sound with each and every one in the room. I could hear myself breathing in between phrases. I saw people in the audience heard it too.

What a great way to celebrate the release of Travel Light.

Thank you, Silent Disco Nederland, for your great service. Thank you, Super Formosa Photography, for capturing the night. Click on the photo for more images.

This is Chelsea Edwards, part of Spin Echo's theatre performance 'Just before AI'.

We wrote the song a few years ago in honour of Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, Aaron Swartz and other whistleblowers that act out of moral responsibility. Last week, Barack Obama decided to commute Chelsea Manning's prison sentence. With this great news we dug up the live recordings and mixed it to a final version.

Ready to dance? Enjoy!

Longen - Elysa

Written for the theater performance ‘Sky Above the Sky’ by Spin Echo (spinecho.net).

Longen (feat. Rob Cornelissen) - Sometimes It Snows in April (Prince)

A tribute to Prince. We will miss him. We also like purple.

Dutch online music magazine 3voor12 was at one of our shows with performance collective Spin Echo. This Dutch review gives a nice impression. It includes some pretty pictures as well.

Video Column (Dutch)

Docwerk TV visited us in our audio cave, where shadows cast existential questions on consciousness and artificial intelligence. The column was broadcasted on Dutch TV channel Omroep Brabant.