LG ..

"Silence is the Mother of all my Creativity. I´m only blessed to be her worker."


With a spirit for fashion since I was one year old and fell in love with this dress….

Every time they tried to cheat me with another dress, I tried to be grisly

Then…, I only needed to pray for new shoes….

….. a silent wish before blowing out the candle

….. a short meditation before action


Some years later ….

…. still without new shoes ….no prayers, no wishes helped me to get them….

Why? What went wrong?

I checked the family history and what I found maybe was a curse because of my grandmother. What shoes she was wearing on her wedding day was unforgivable. Everybody was speechless, grandfather including.

Still no sign of new shoes for me!

My parents told me in the end to accept the reality and the fact that my two older sisters worn them befor me.

Accepted.… if you promise not to dress me like them!

….That´s what happens when the time becomes your master ….

You will look like my sisters and cousin…. modern.. cool… in .…

Time is not Fashion, Time is Manipulation

. .

From an early age they started to dress us like clowns. This time I couldn´t be grisly.

I realized, there is something that needs to be done!

new uniform… new tragedy

. .

Building and defending the homeland .…??


My mission is to transform the uniforms into the human forms._!!!!